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Least-Intrusive Ways to Store Your RV and ATVs

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by  Jim Martinez

There aren’t very many downsides to owning an ATV or motorcycle. They are incredibly fun and exciting vehicles that ATVbring great joy to their owners. But finding a way to store them that isn’t intrusive can be a bit of a task. Park them on the street, and they take up spaces for cars and annoy neighbors. Park them in your driveway, and they’re eyesores. Park them in the garage, and they’re usually in your way. Are there places to store your ATV or motorcycle that aren’t intrusive or ugly? Of course there are! Here are a few:

Vehicle Storage Facility

If you don’t use your ATV or motorcycle very often, this is a great choice. Vehicle storage facilities are just like normal storage facilities but for your vehicle. For a relatively low price, you can keep your ATV or motorcycle in a safe, secure and often weatherproof location, where you don’t have to worry about it. Whenever you want to ride it, you just go pick it up.

This is especially great if you have an RV. There aren’t very many creative ways to hide something the size of an RV, and chances are you don’t use it very often. So a vehicle storage facility is perfect if you are a family with an RV.

Storage Shed

You can also buy a storage shed for your ATV or motorcycle. These are popular, because they look just like a shed you would keep firewood or gardening tools in. You can close the doors, and no one will ever see your vehicles. This is the least-intrusive way to store your ATV or motorcycle at home, because it does not get in your way and doesn’t even look like you own an ATV or motorcycle.

You can also buy storage tents for your ATV or motorcycle if you want to save money. Storage tents, however, are much more casual looking and thus more of an eyesore. A storage shed makes your yard look like any other, whereas a tent looks like some kids are camping outside of your house.

Your Yard/Garden or Against a Tree

It’s become artistically rustic to have a vehicle placed in your yard or garden or leaning against a tree. It symbolizes a love of the outdoors and adventure. It’s odd, but let’s face it: an ATV parked on the street looks intrusive, but an ATV parked in your backyard, next to a tree, makes it look like your family loves being in the great outdoors.

You could also park it in your garden: leaving decommissioned cars and motorcycles there has become a hip landscaping trend! Why not leave your ATV or motorcycle there when you’re not using it?


If you’re simply looking for a place to park your ATV or motorcycle where others don’t have to look at it, just park it behind your house. This is the most hassle-free solution: it only takes a minute to park it and another minute to get it when you’re ready to go for a ride. It’s out of sight and out of mind, but it’s always accessible.

With these solutions, you should be able to find somewhere to park your ATV, motorcycle or even RV.  They’re fun toys, so don’t let them be a burden!

About the Author

This article was provided by Jim Martinez, avid traveler and outdoor adventure-seeker. If you’re a jetsetter like Jim, looking for a memorable –and tropical—outdoor experience, Jim recommends ATV Outfitters in Hawaii.

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