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Natural and Home Remedy Options for House Cleaning

If you are looking for all-natural and effective ways to clean your home there are many chemical and fume-free productsdining room you can use. By using all natural cleaning products, you will achieve greener living, eliminate harmful toxins that can lead to health concerns, and save money by making your own products. Below is a list of fast, simple and all-natural products you can use to clean your home.

1. Vinegar

Vinegar is a multipurpose household cleaner that can be used for a wide variety of your cleaning needs. You can use either white or apple cider vinegar for the cleaning remedies below.

Bleach Alternative and Sanitizer: Vinegar can be added into a sink of water to sanitize dishes, used to clean your cat box, and can even be added to your dishwasher or coffeemaker as an internal cleanser.

Floor Cleaner: Vinegar can be mixed with equal parts water as a gentle cleanser for your hardwood floors.

Odor Neutralizer: You can spray vinegar mixtures on urine and vomit stains to neutralizer odor.

Mold Remover: Spray pure vinegar on areas infested with mold. Let penetrate prior to rinsing clean.

2. Borax

Borax can be used in combination with many basic household and natural cleaning agents to create a variety of products for your home.

Dishwasher: Mix 1 cup borax, 1 cup washing soda, 1/2 cup salt, and 1/2 cup citric acid.

Multipurpose Cleaner: Mix 1 gallon of hot water with 1/2 cup borax. Dissolve and place solution in spray bottles to clean your counters, walls and baseboard.

Abrasive Cleanser: You can use borax as an abrasive cleanser to clean stuck-on food from your pots and pans and stubborn stains in your tubs and sinks.

3. Fragrance

If you are looking for natural room fragrance, you can turn to your favorite scented flowers, herbs, spices and essential oils.

Spices: Simmer a pot of water with aromatic herbs such as cinnamon, cloves, and citrus peels. Their scent will instantly be transported to the nearby rooms in your home.

Herbs and Flowers: Dry your favorite aromatic herbs such as roses and lavender and place them in satchels you can hang in your doorway, place in your drawers, or use to elicit a calming feeling or memory.

Essential Oils: You can purchase pure essential oils and add a few drops to an oil burner, or add to a spray bottle filled with distilled water for a room spray. On warm days you can also place drops of your favorite oils in glass jars around your home. You can also use essential oils to refresh your herb and flower satchels.

4. Citrus

Fresh citrus juice or citrus essential oils can be added to many of the cleansers above to add a refreshing scent, but citrus can also be used as a cleaning agent.

Lime Build-Up: Allow lemon to sit overnight on areas of your sinks, faucets, and bathtubs that have lime build-up. Wipe off with warm water.

Bleach Alternative and Sanitizer: Mix equal parts vinegar with citrus juice and spray on areas that need to be sanitized. Or rub your citrus juice of choice directly on plastics with acidic food stains and let dry.

All of the natural cleaning agents above are easy to find in your local grocery stores and provide you with effective, nontoxic, all-natural, cleaning products.

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Samantha Greenbaum is an earth-friendly mother of two. Although keeping your home fresh, clean and inviting is always a must, Samantha knows remodels, repairs and renovations are a necessity at times, which is why she recommends Houston Window Experts.

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