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Environmentally Friendly Educations

The health of our environment has become a prominent concern over the past decade or so. Experts have begun to Eco-Houseemphasize the idea of taking care of the environment as a whole community. This trend and feeling has become part of how humans live and function. As a result, education has seen a shift toward environmental conscientiousness in its operations and offerings. Many colleges have changed their entire structure to become more environmentally conscious, adding LEED-certified buildings and incorporating environmental education into their curricula. Below are some colleges that have helped lead the way, along with the programs they offer that demonstrate a commitment to the environment.

Earth Institute (Columbia University)

In the year of 2010, Columbia University took the plunge into a more modernistic program and way of teaching. In the Earth Institute, classes and majors are focused on current ecological issues. The establishment of the Earth Institute was unique: most universities were not looking to focus on these matters and put such emphasis on them. Columbia University feels this is the way forward, however, and dedicated a portion of campus to this particular way of teaching. The Earth Institute is home to many aspiring students and is generally regarded as an outstanding addition to the university.

Research is constantly conducted at The Earth Institute, leading to many new discoveries by the research teams there. This progression has served as the vanguard to a larger movement among universities. Columbia chose to establish the Earth Institute to produce graduates “with knowledge of how to address sustainability issues in the real world.” The solution to the world’s ecological problems lies in the hands of these graduates. This line of thinking has affected the manner in which university degrees and programs are being designed.

Institute of Sustainability (Arizona University)

Like Columbia University, Arizona University established the Institute of Sustainability to expand into the world of ecological studies. The entire emphasis of this institute is to study solar energy. The popularity of the program has been impressive, and it has attracted numerous students looking to become a part of the institute. The current figures are around 600 sustainability majors. The standards established by the university for students declaring sustainability as their major set this institute apart. The university believes this is the hardest program to enter because of the GPA requirements. The focus is on attracting the brightest minds to the program and preparing them to solve some of the earth’s greatest problems.

Illinois State University’s Overwhelming Success

This university has seen the most success in terms of the number of students entering campus to study sustainability and renewable energy. There are currently 21,000 students enrolled across 65 programs strictly related to renewable energy. It is a fantastic indicator of what students desire and are interested in.

Many colleges and universities have green buildings, sustainable gardens and landscaping and offer seminars and lectures that focus on ecological issues. If you’re looking for a more degree-oriented environmental program, however, the schools above are leading the way, demonstrating that eco-friendliness is not a trend – it’s a career!

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Samantha Greenbaum, earth-friendly mother of two, on the lookout for a promising environmentally conscious education for her children. If you’re looking to help your world, too, Samantha recommends Practical Nursing Online to make a positive impact with your education.

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