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Why Nurse Aides are Crucial for Varied Health Care Settings Jobs

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Guest Blogger: Franks Rossnursing assistants

People seem to have a common assumption that the job duties of nurse aides are limited to administering medicines, glucose and water, feeding, washing and grooming, measuring blood pressure (BP), counting pulse beats, assisting in patient’s movements and walking, cleaning rooms, and changing bed linen. They also think that certified nursing assistant or CNA’s job is only to provide daily nursing cares to suffering patients in hospitals and nursing homes, similar to other nursing care professionals; but it is not true because they are also employed in other fields for their direct patient care acumen.

The crucial duties of nurse aides that separate them from other medical professionals and make them crucial in any health care settings include:

  • Nurse aides spend most of their time with a patient as compared to other medical professionals;
  • The long spending of their time with the patients also helps them notice any change in the condition of a patient and their immediate reporting to a RN or physician can avoid any medical complications, or even save the life of a patient with emergency care needs;
  • It is solely upon the nursing assistants to provide moral support to patients, who are there in a facility to recover from a long illness or critical surgery;
  • The forming of emotional bond with the old and disable patients on long-term care helps nurse aides to provide moral and emotional support to patients.

These are also the main reasons that make a nursing assistant a crucial member of a medical team in nursing homes or other health care settings.

In addition, the nursing aide’s training and multiple skills of CNAs also prepare them to perform in other nursing care areas. One can easily come across nurse aides executing their skills and qualities as home health aides, private duty CNAs, school nurse aides, and travel nurse aides. Their role in these fields is highly valuable.

As a home health aide, or a private duty CNA, they can help elderly or disable patients by performing their everyday regular tasks at their homes. They can assist rehabilitation of patients at their homes to recoup from their long illness and get well faster.

Similarly, as school nurse aides, they can provide emergency care to school children, staff, and teachers. They also promote students’ health and wellness, advice for healthy food and better nutrition, and counsel about good health habits.

Travel Nurse Aides play a pivotal part in filling up the nursing shortage in different locations. They work under a contract for a certain period and visit distant locations to execute their CNA Job Duty. Their ready availability greatly helps facility owners to meet their immediate requirements of nursing personnel.

The variety of skills and qualities of nursing assistants surely makes them immensely valuable in the nursing field and make them an indispensable asset in any health care field.

About the Author

Franks Ross spends his time writing articles on nursing and healthcare related topics on Topcnaclasses.com. His is focused on improving the knowledge of nurse aide students and professionals in the nursing field.

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