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Color Blindness – A Common Genetic disorder

Guest Blogger: KathrynRainbow Protanopia

A genetic disorder is a kind of disease that is caused due to various abnormalities in the person’s genome. In most of the cases, such genetic disorder appears since the birth time and it is seen that the genetic disorders are quite rear to be found in human beings.

There are various genres of genetic disorders such as Canavan disease, Down syndrome, color blindness, and many more. Here we will discuss about the color blindness problem, its causes, and various other aspects.

The Whereabouts of Color Blindness 

Color blindness is one of the most common genetic disorders that we see on regular basis. The main problem with this genetic disorder is that the affected person who is unable to perceive any difference between colors; and sometimes in worst cases, they can’t even able to see the color while being in normal lighting conditions.

Studies have confirmed that this genetic disorder affects a large number of people across the world. But then with various developments in medical science and medicine in today’s world, this genetic disorder can be cured to certain degree.

Causes of Color Blindness

Color blindness, being a genetic disorder, is mostly there with the patient since their birth; but then there are numerous other reasons as well for developing this genetic disorder later in life.

  • Inherited colorblindness

There are 3 kinds of cone cells in our eyes and each of them is capable of perceiving blue, red, or green frequencies (lights); but due to inherited genes, some people do not have such cone cells in their eyes and hence they are unable to perceive such colors. It is extremely hard for them to even recognize other kinds of color as well due to such shortcomings in cone cells.

  • Other causes

Aging, various eye related problems, accidents, or sometimes severe side effects of some medicines can also cause this disorder.


There are a few symptoms of color blindness:

  • You may see only gray, black, and white;
  • You may not be able to recognize colors;
  • You may not able to differentiate colors.


Color blindness can’t be cured completely if it is due to inheritance; but in some cases, if it occurred due to some accident or any other genre of problems, it can be treated so that the patient gets back his normal ability to a certain extent.

Treatments include wearing colored lenses, and opting for glasses, which blocks glare etc.

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Kathryn is the author for Chrisalexcorp. She also writes for a website which owns online jewelry stores canada.

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