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Essential Oil For Emotional Balance

by Mellisa Steve 

Although aromatherapy is not considered the best solution for serious emotional issues, essential oils may help in Essential Oilmaintaining emotional balance. Proper usage of essential oils can help in enhancing emotional outlook and maintain emotions balance throughout the day. Aromatherapy is a therapy in which essential oils are used for emotional well-being and for mental and emotional balance.

Natural oils are extracted from plants and are full of naturally occurring chemicals which work in synergy with one another. They are volatile in nature and evaporate quickly and their molecules are inhaled easily. The inhalation of these chemicals provides a trigger to our brain, which affects our emotions. Inhalation of these molecules also provides physical benefits.

The physical symptoms we suffer is the way our body tells us that some systems inside us are imbalanced and need to be brought back into balance. Happiness and unhappiness – mood swings – are a reflection of our emotional balance, where unhappiness tells us that something is wrong. It can be anything, our work, company or our thoughts.

Olfactory bulb which is located on the tip of the nose is a part of the brain that stretches from the limbic system. The limbic system is a connection between the involuntary and voluntary system and between right and left brain. Our emotions and memories are stored in the hippocampus and amygdala areas of the limbic system. Essential oils have an effect directly on these brain parts and this is the reason essential oils are so effective in affecting our moods and emotions. Combating the effects of stress is the first step towards mental and emotional balance. Once you have taken over the effects of stress, you will feel an increased sense of peace, calming, and relaxation. The essential oil extracted from lavender “the universal oil” is the best oil for balancing every area of life. It can be used for anything from panic attacks, jet lags, rashes, burns and cuts, to stress, tense muscles, and loneliness.

Given below are some essential oils that help in combating stress and bringing emotional balance:

  1. White Angelica, which contains a blend of 18 oils, is used for a very long time to enhance the aura around the body and brings a feeling of strength and protection. The blend includes angelica, sandalwood, melissa, ylang ylang, and rose.
  2. The rose essential oil is the highest frequency essential oil that affects all the cells in the molecular cellular level to bring the body into harmony. The purest form of rose essential oil has the ability to produce a magnetic energy to attract love and amplifies the feeling of self-love, thus resulting in bringing joy to the heart.
  3. Another blend of essential oil is known as “Joy”, which is quite helpful in maintaining emotional as well as mental balance. The blend contains rose, lemon, mandarin, bergamot, ylang ylang and geranium.
  4. It’s well-known that citrus oils have the ability to provide strength and energy, uplifting and promote happiness. A blend named Citrus Fresh which has Spearmint, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Tangerine, orange, and lemon is known for providing relaxation and calm feeling.
  5. A blend of citrus oil best known as “Release” has the ability to help you get rid of negative emotions and thoughts, thus releasing frustration. It contains geranium, blue tansy, lavender sandalwood, and ylang ylang
  6. Blue Chamomile has an electrical frequency that helps in bringing harmony and balance. The effect of this blend is that it helps us in accepting things in life that holds us back because of denial and this happens because of the feeling of balance.

About the Author

Mellisa Steve is a Beauty and Health expert with around 30 years of experience. She is working with She is well known for her natural treatments. She also maintains a blog of her own and is a currently learning more about essential oils for skin, hair, and health issues.

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