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Feeling Lost? 3 Ways to Find Your Way in Uncertain Times

by Richard Clayton

Going through the motions of life is no real way to live. Yet, too many people spend their years like this until they realize that decades have gone by with not much to show for it.

If you’re at a place in your life where you don’t feel like all the pieces are fitting together or are wondering what your place in this great big world is, you need to find your way back to you.

Here are some tips to help re-discover yourself and tap into your deepest hopes and dreams:

1. Turn an old passion into a career.

If you’re stuck at the same job you’ve been at for years or are having trouble getting excited about getting up and going to work in the morning, maybe it’s time for a change of pace, career-wise.

Some people like to think that your 20s are the best years to try out your passions and chase your dreams, but that’s simply not the case. No matter what age you are or what chapter of life you’re in, there’s always time to follow a new dream – or pick an old one back up.

doll making

What is it that you used to love? Could you see yourself doing that now as a career?

Maybe you loved helping your father build things growing up. If you still have a passion for construction and building, you could look into acquiring a contractor license and creating your own company with that. Perhaps you used to spend hours in the kitchen perfecting your latest pie recipe, and you could dig up your old recipe cards to start a new bakery!

Think about realistic opportunities that tie into what you love the most.

2. Take an unplugged trip.

Sometimes, we get lost in the chaos that is everyday life. From kid’s schedules and errands to bills and work deadlines, we carry a lot of stress in our daily lives. For those moments, it’s nice to take a trip somewhere new so you can disconnect from the tedium of the workweek and refresh your mind, body, and soul.


Take it a step further by keeping your trip unplugged as much as possible. Use your phone only once or twice a day to check in with loved ones. Otherwise, leave it behind and focus on what’s in front of you.

3. Go back to school and study what you really love.

It’s not always work or a stressful home life that leads to a feeling of stagnation. Sometimes, it’s the simple fact that we’ve become so content with what we know and how we use that knowledge in our lives, that we are rarely learning any new information. Learning new things keeps our brains sharp and expands our worldview.


You might like the idea of looking into night classes nearby where you can take a few courses on topics that you’re truly interested in learning more about. Without a curriculum plan to follow or a career path ahead of you, you can truly indulge in the learning and re-energize your brain.

Leave those math and business classes behind – choose something enthralling like marine biology or creative writing. Tap into your student self.

Recenter Your Life, Recenter Yourself


It’s easy to feel lost or unmoored in life, especially in the midst of stressful situations. Too many people feel it’s too late for them once they realize they’re not happy with where they’re at so they don’t even give it a try. With a little confidence and a lot of grit, you can recenter your life through work, travel, or learning.

About the Author

Richard Clayton has been a freelance blogger for over 5 years. Through Blogging, he connects and shares his experiences with his friends and other people.



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