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Holistic Mile-High Skin Care

by Sara Stringer

So much of what we do for beauty is tied directly to our climate. UV protection is critical along the coasts and in the South, while here in Denver, it’s important to ensure good moisture levels.Winter Beauty. Female abstract stylish portrait.

One way we can help our particular weather situations is not to magnify the effects of our climate. It can be a difficult balancing act to address routine beauty issues like hair removal or reducing wrinkles when the climate is as extreme as Colorado’s.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to combat the extreme temps, dizzying elevation, and harsh winds of Denver, and they won’t require you to break the bank as you work on looking great and staying healthy.

What may strike you about these tips is that they look very familiar to many other holistic health ideas. And if you’re new to holistic health, that’s the idea. While many modern strategies for health and beauty emphasize narrow-spectrum ideas that directly attack a single issue, holistic health takes a comprehensive approach that ties in everything that contributes to your health—or lack thereof.

Exercise: Assembling the System

Banish old beliefs about exercise that tag it as nothing more than a weight-loss necessity. Good exercise provides many other benefits than simply placing you in smaller garments. Apart from utilizing the calories you shouldn’t have eaten, exercise strengthens your skin, bones, muscles, and all of your internal organs.

How does that help your appearance, particularly in Denver? Remember this key point about your body: Good circulation is critical. Your blood vessels are the supply lines for the nutrients needed in every part of your body, and that same circulation must remove the waste that’s produced. Your skin’s ability to replenish itself relies on your body’s ability to perform those two tasks; undernourished skin cannot bounce back and will become chapped, wrinkled, and wind-burned with those Rocky Mountain breezes.

Speaking of those breezes, bear in mind that you are supercharging your respiratory and cardiovascular systems when you exercise at Denver’s high elevation. There is a belief that the thin air at Mile High Stadium gives the Broncos an advantage over visiting squads from lower altitudes, because the Broncos do all their training—and half of their games—in this thin air. If you exercise this far above sea level, you will have an exceptionally efficient heart and lungs.

And what about those waste products? Good health in your excretory system—particularly your kidneys—relies on good blood pressure levels. Exercise helps normalize your BP, so exercise makes healthy kidneys, and healthy kidneys make a healthy body.

Nutrition: Supplying the System

Now on to the nutrition. What good is all that exercise if you’re not on a good diet? Your diet provides two parts of this equation: First, it provides the vitamins necessary for good skin health. Good nutrition is an easier way of providing these than scarfing down fistfuls of commercial vitamins; and it’s cheaper, too. Ensuring you’re getting enough of vitamins E, C, A, K, and the B complex will do you worlds of good for your skin.

That brings us back to circulation. Getting those vitamins to your skin in an efficient, healthy way requires the good cardiovascular health provided by exercise, which means your skin-healthy diet must also be heart-healthy and high in energy for all that exercise. It also needs to include the calcium and phosphorous you need for healthy bones.

See how all this is working together? That’s the holistic part. Your diet powers your exercise program and its role in your health, and your exercise program conditions your body to perform efficiently and effectively.

Clothing: Shelter The System

Having now done all you can with your overall health, you should now consider tying up the loose ends. Consider things like your clothing. If you’re outside a lot of the time—particularly exercising!—you need to dress for the conditions. Layer your clothing with performance fabrics to handle Colorado’s cold temps. There is a saying among Eskimos: If you sweat, you die. Dress to ensure that moisture is whisked away from your body and that you are warm and dry when you’re outdoors.

And protect your skin from the wind and sun. Use sunglasses even when sun glare is modest to avoid crow’s feet. Broad-brimmed hats will protect your ears and face from excessive sun. If you should seek additional skin care—laser hair removal or skin rejuvenation, for example—Cherry Creek has one of the best skin care centers in Denver, CO.

Whatever course of action you take, remember that careful attention to your exercise, nutrition, and clothing can maintain better overall skin health in any climate, including Denver’s.

About the Author

Sara Stringer is freelance writer who enjoys writing about natural health alternatives. In her spare time, she enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle through swimming and practicing yoga.

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