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Ways to Prevent Noise Pollution

Guest Blogger: Kathryn Shepherd

Noise pollution can affect you physically as well as mentally. You may become deaf and it can cause fatigue. While on the other side, it can also cause you some psychological changes. As the world turns more forward-thinking, noise goes up. The most common type of noise pollution at the present is from transportation, mainly automobiles, motorcycles, and aeroplanes.

In the modern era of developments and innovations, noise pollution is always on the rise. So it becomes important to adopt ways which can help you prevent noise pollution. Some of the ways that can help you prevent noise pollution are given below:

  • Make your rooms – especially those ones where piano, guitar, or any type of music is played – sound proof so that sounds of these devices don’t cross the room and cause any noise pollution in the outside. This can be done easily with curtains, carpets, and by closing windows and doors while playing on these musical instruments.
  • Make use of fabric windows instead of plastic or wooden shades.
  • Beep your car horn only when it is really needed.
  • Switch off your radio, TV, or music player when you are not listening to it for a long time.
  • Barking by dogs also causes noise pollution. Training them properly can prevent this kind of noise.
  • Use your calm voice while conversing with others. Don’t shout or scream.
  • Keep the nature clean and green by planting more trees and plants around your living area. Plants and trees help in sound reduction by absorbing it while also keeping the air clean.
  • Keep the sound volume of music played on computers and speakers low. It can cause damage to your as well as others’ ears.
  • Do your dishes or hammering, or some other thing which creates a lot of noise, on a rubber mat which can reduce the generation of noise pollution.
  • Large usage of DJ systems at public functions also causes noise pollution. So cutting down on it can also help in reducing noise pollution.

Some of the causes described above may not cause noise pollution individually; but as a whole, it causes a lot of damage. So for the betterment of you, your family, friends and relatives, and all of those around you, try not to be a part of those things that cause noise pollution. Follow the above methods that will help reducing the noise pollution and will make you a part of a noble cause. It is very important to take strict steps to get rid of noise pollution.

About the Author

Kathryn is the author for Chrisalex Corp. She also writes for a website that offers online aging booth adding effects of smoking, weight gain, obesity, and sun exposure to your shot at www.ageme.com.

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