Climbing Maya: An Exploration into Success

Ken La Salle
Solstice Publishing, 2012
ISBN 9781477531853
Reviewed by Patricia Wellingham-Jones

Synopsis: A man explores the meaning of success from a wide range of perspectives.

When Ken La Salle was fired from his job as a marketing writer, he decided to find out what success really meant, as he felt very far from that ideal. This memoir is a description of the months following his unemployment, his friendships with two men important in his life, and the woman who’d been his wife only a few months but was the acme of acceptance and support. A key person in the story was Megan, friend Sean’s wife and dying of leukemia, who turns out to have had much to teach Ken.

Ken La Salle had a bent for philosophy, starting with a Christian childhood then moving on to study ideas and religions of the centuries, winding up with Buddhism being the most workable belief system for him. He didn’t accept the dictionary definitions of success: achieving certain goals or acquiring wealth or position. Surely, true success in a life meant more than that.

In this readable excursion into thought and meaning, combining the wisdom of the kundalini, Maslow, and others, Ken La Salle provides information in what ultimately forms the successful life that might prove helpful to the questing reader.