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When Dreams Take a Back Seat

Guest Blogger: Ken La SalleThe Worth of Dreams The Value of Dreamers

Would you like to know what I was going to write this month? With Valentine’s Day shortly upon us, I was going to write an article reminding readers how important it is to love your dream. I was ready with allusions to romance, with examples from my own life, and a poignant ending to wrap it all together. It would’ve been nice.

As it turns out, though, that isn’t what I’m going to write because, in my case, I find it easier to write these articles from a place relevant to my life. I like to think we’re both on the same kind of journey in following our dreams, so what would be the point of my telling you to love yours when I have been putting my own dreams in the back seat?

And that’s why, this month, I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the events of my own life and why I’ve found it so important to relocate my dreams back there. And now that I’m in this place, it seems to me it must be very common, this need to push things aside, and why it’s important to recognize that as a part of our journey.

You see, earlier this month, my wife had to go into the hospital for a minor procedure. In the process of recovery, her still-healing incision became slightly infected and that was enough to put her back into the hospital. What was supposed to be minor turned into a medical reality we will face for the next couple of months. (I won’t go into details about the procedure not only to protect her privacy but because this really was minor when you consider what others unfortunately must face.)

I am understandably relieved that she’ll be home soon and we’re through the worst but there is no escaping the strong effect this had on the pursuit of my dream. With my wife back into the hospital, the knowledge of how this would affect our finances, and the emotional impact of seeing my wife go through all of this, I realized I had to put things aside for a bit. My dream had to take a back seat.

And this is fine. I know I come to you every month and say, “Follow your dream! Follow your dream!” But I don’t want anyone to think they should do that to the exclusion of all else. Life is about your relationships – your dream would mean nothing in a vacuum, after all.

This particular week, I was engaging in two important projects. First, I was going to finalize another audiobook. This would require my attention and concentration and also time. Second, I was scheduled to begin writing a new novel. My schedule for this – because I’m a big believer in putting yourself on a schedule, which is fodder for future articles – was to aggressively write 5,000 words a day.

When my beloved Vicky was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday, everything had changed. My focus was on something far more important, and this something was a someone: my Vicky. I had to sit down with myself and ask, “How do I move forward with my plans while also providing enough time so I can be there for Vicky?” Because life is about changing priorities and keeping in mind what is important.

In the end, I decided to slow progress on my audiobook to a halt and write only 2,000 each day in the new book. Even that was a struggle. My mind was never really on my writing; it was back at the hospital with my wife. Even though she was resting in her private room and eating surprisingly good food, all I thought about was her.

As I write this, it is January 25th and Vicky will get out of the hospital today. She’ll come home where I can look after her and, slowly but surely because Vicky is incredibly independent, my focus will turn back to my work, to my dream.

Not following your dream all the time is not the same as not following your dream. Keep things in perspective because your perspective can always change.

About the Author

Ken La Salle is an author and playwright out of Anaheim, California. His passion is intense humor, meaningful drama, and finding answers to the questions that define our lives. You can find his books on Amazon and Smashwords and all major etailers. His philosophical memoir, Climbing Maya, is available in ebook and paperback. His audio book, The Worth of Dreams The Value of Dreamers, is available on iTunes, Audible, and all major etailers. You can follow Ken’s writing career on his website at www.kenlasalle.com.

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