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Fighting Can Actually Bring You Closer to Your Mate!

Dr. Karen Sherman

Dr. Karen Sherman

Let’s face it … not many people like conflicts; they’re unpleasant. But it’s also unlikely that when you’re in a relationship with someone for a long time, that the two of you aren’t going to run into some snags along the way. And if you do, it means your normal!

What’s really at the heart of the matter is how you manage your conflicts. A leading researcher has found that within 15 minutes of watching how a couple handles a conflict, he can predict with 85% accuracy whether they will divorce or not. Yes – managing your conflicts is very important.

Interestingly, you go to school for an extended period of time and learn all sorts of things. Most of you learn how to drive a car. You train for whatever job or career you do. Yet, learning the tools to have a successful relationship is not taught. And within that area, the way to manage conflicts is not taught either.

The good news is that there are tools and they can be learned. Dr. Karen Sherman, a psychologist and relationship expert for over 25 years, realized how many of her couples were in trouble because they didn’t have these skills. To address this need, she decided to create a program that not only teaches conflict management but also how to repair appropriately after there’s been and issue and how to regulate your emotions.

When couples learn how to express themselves in loving, caring ways it leads to a sense of connection. Their differences can be heard, understood, and accepted. Intimacy and trust are established.

So is fighting good? Yes — if it’s done right. It allows the differences to
be expressed, the stress reduced, and the partners to feel closer.

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