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Interesting Jobs You Can Get With a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Guest Blogger: Kate EdwardsRegistered Nurse

Although earning a bachelor’s degree is not required to become a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse, it can open up the door to a number of career opportunities. Whether you take the online rn to bsn or attend a traditional university, you will have several more options when choosing from possible jobs.

What are some of the most interesting that are available when you have a bachelor’s degree in nursing? The following are just a few:

Community Health Educator

In this position, you will be responsible for educating the public about how to lead a healthy lifestyle, live longer and prevent disease. Your role will involve interpreting statistics and data as well as raising funds that can be used on the educational requirements of the community. There are many jobs available for qualified nurses in community health education, mostly with the state government, local government and healthcare services. A BSN is required for this position.

Travel Nurse

Being a travel nurse is a job that has become popular in the last few years, as it meets a need for short-term staff to cover shortages and seasonal fluctuations in hospitals all over the country. Your role would be to travel around the country and work for short periods of time at different hospitals that need extra nurses to manage a high volume of patients. You will have the choice to travel across the country or stay in a certain area.

These days, the demand for travel nurses is high because of the staffing problem that exists around America. If you love to travel and would enjoy being able to experience different parts of the country, this could be an ideal option for you. A job as a travel nurse could also offer the opportunity for working abroad in other countries, something that could be very exciting.


Your rn course also qualifies you to be a paramedic. This is an exciting and rewarding career, because you will be responding to emergencies and delivering critical care to people on the scene. You could help out victims of a car accident or rush to the aid of a heart attack victim. This is a demanding and high-intensity career, but a satisfying one where you will be able to use your medical training.

Psychiatric Nursing

If mental health fascinates you, you might consider working as a psychiatric nurse. You will not need any further education for this career, although you should be able to demonstrate an understanding of mental health disorders, psychiatric diagnosis procedures, and counseling. This job can be rewarding due to the support you can provide for your patients and their families.

If you have a BSN degree, these are a few interesting rn positions you might consider, depending on your specific, professional goals.

About the Author

Writer Kate Edwards is a travel nurse with a bachelor’s degree who has worked in four different hospitals in the last three years, enabling her to explore new regions and make new connections.

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