My Wardrobe Closet

by Evelyn Horan When spring approaches, I begin to organize and review the clothes in my closet. All winter clothing needs to be relegated to the back area. Happily, I relinquish those heavyweight items that were warm and necessary for the cold season but no longer necessary. Now I approach spring and summer items with…


Drug-free pain relief with CBD

Utah-based Dose of Nature launched a state-of-the-art CBD (Cannabidiol) product line in 2014, applying proprietary technologies to create the first nano CBD and water-soluble CBD products in the market. CBD or Cannabidiol has been at the forefront of the news lately in its application to treat pediatric epilepsy, autism, cancer, pain, PTSD, brain injuries, anxiety,…

dental hygienist

12 Things to Learn from a Dental Hygienist

by John Gary Just like a person’s eyes are window to his soul, his teeth are a reflection of his personality and lifestyle. It is seldom difficult to visit our dentists on regular basis to make sure our teeth are in perfect condition; therefore it is essential that we learn some important tips in order…


Live a Long and Healthy Life Like the Japanese

  by Vanessa Pham Japan is known for many things: a strong economy, top-notch infrastructures, and advanced technology. Then there is one other thing western countries are looking up to Japan for: the people’s healthiness. Among developed countries, Japan has the lowest rate of obesity at only 3%. This number is even more impressive when…


How to Pick a Motorcycle

by Max Skinwood What is the right motorcycle for you? There are a myriad of things that need to be taken into account before riding or buying a motorcycle. Not all motorcycles are built the same, nor do they handle exactly alike. Even experienced riders should ask questions before taking a new bike home. In…


Hoppy Easter 2015

Dear Victor R. Volkman, I wish You a very happy Easter!!! In attachment – ART of Giordana Galli (it) and Flowers for Spring from Lyudmila Babich. Tadeusz, Daria and Victoria, from GLOWINSKIS’ LIBRARY http://glowinski.olesnica.pl/

Feet on bathroom scale with word "Help" on dial

My Bathroom Scale

by Evelyn Horan It has been over a month or more since I stepped on my bathroom scale. Today, after the holidays recently passed, was a day I’d been trying to ignore, to avoid, to hide from, but I had to accept the numbers now. I gingerly stepped on the scale and closed my eyes,…

Female ballet dancer

3 Ways To Quickly Restore Your Sense Of Well-being

by Sara Stringer It can be puzzling when you don’t feel well even in spite of financial and social well-being. In fact, feelings of apathy and boredom may be a frustrating mystery in your life. However, if you’re not feeling inspired by life, help is probably closer at hand than you may now think, and there are…