low-carb food pyramid

Macronutrient Role – Understanding Your Diet

by James Matthias If you regularly go to a gym, you’ve probably overheard people speaking about the huge protein meals they are trying to get in everyday, but there are other macronutrients which are very important and need consideration. These are sometimes forgotten, even by regular gym goers. This could be due to sporting communities…


Dance like nobody’s watching

“Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth.” -Mark Twain (attributed to various authors in similar forms)


What is the Importance of Positive Nursing Workplace Environment?

by Frank Ross A positive work environment is vital for nursing practice, care and safety of patients and public. A poor work environment not only affects the performances of nurses, but also reduces their competency level. Workplace environment plays a significant role in retaining and boosting efficiency level of the nursing workforce in any health…

Sakis Gouzonis

Music Across Borders – A Chat with Sakis Gouzonis

by Michell Spoden The sounds of music are everywhere. From nation to nation they express their own unique value to the world. No matter what language we speak, all we have to do is listen; for when we listen, we hear. Are you really listening? Let us hear from Greek musician Sakis Gouzonis about his…

Judy Snook

Stained Glass Art – An Interview with Judy Snook-Kean

by Michell Spoden Stained glass art has been practised for centuries. It was originally considered to be a luxury that wealthy Romans used in their dwelling places. When the early churches began to integrate this type of decoration, it came to be viewed as a form of art. Judy Snook-Kean, an expert in this art…

prostate_cancer_ awareness

Reasons and Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

by John Gary Prostate Cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in males and has proven to develop in men based on age and genetics. Prostate cancer can affect men of different races and age groups and can be a serious health risk, resulting in death if left untreated. Unfortunately, there are…

worth of dreams

First Do No Harm

by Ken La Salle Welcome back to my continuing series of Rules For Life. If we’re going to establish some rules for life, rules that make life easier, that make living with others easier and make our world a better place, we’re going to have to start somewhere. This month, I would like to start with…