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How to Avoid High Medical Cost while Traveling

by Ashley Lipman

Perhaps you are taking a trip abroad to finish out 2017 with a great memory. When you are making your preparations, do not forget to factor in the possibility of health care.

It is the law that people in the United States must have health care. However, Medicare does not cover health care on foreign soil, with a few exceptions. If you have a health emergency and the medical facility you went to was closer than a U.S. medical facility, they may cover the expenses or a portion of them.

You may carry private insurance and have coverage regardless of where you travel. But, you will be paying for doctors, hospitals, and specialists that are out of your network. This can easily total in the thousands of dollars.

There are insurance policies that you can purchase that will cover not only healthcare, but also they will cover your trip expenses if your trip is canceled and the costs of items that are lost or stolen while you travel.

We are going to explain more but first, we will give you a few suggestions on how to be less likely to become a victim of these unpleasantries.

Packing Tips

  • Pack yourself smart. Electronics and expensive jewelry should be in your carry-on bag.
  • All of your luggage (including your carry-on bag needs to have a good quality and visible lock)
  • Go bold and bright. This is the one time when the gaudier your bags are, the better. A thief will avoid bags that will draw attention to him.
  • Use an experienced company to ship your luggage for you.
  • Make a list of every item in your luggage and take photographs. If you have electronics, record the model and serial numbers. If your items are stolen your travel insurance will need this information.
  • If your flight is a long one, keep your carry-on under the seat in front of you. If you decide to sleep, slip a strap around it and around your ankle. You can use a luggage strap. They are inexpensive and no one will notice except someone who is watching for an opportunity to snag someone’s belongings while they sleep.

Research Insurance Plans

There are many specialty insurance plans for travel. Your agent will explain them to you, but there are two that are the most commonly used trip insurance.

  • Package travel insurance

This is the most common travel insurance. It covers for canceled or delayed trips, medical, lost or stolen luggage, pet-care and in some cases, returning minors back home. It can cover credit cards and activities that you were unable to do. There are different coverage levels, so make sure you get the coverage you need. Do your healthcare research and be certain that pre-existing conditions are included. 94% of travelers who purchase trip insurance choose this type.

  • Travel Medical Insurance

The other 6% of travelers who purchase insurance for their trip, simply pay for emergency health care needed while on the trip. They are not concerned with the expenses of a trip cancellation, but they do want to make sure good health care is immediately available to them. They may have health issues that are known.

Bonus tip: if you fall into this category, take a copy of your medical records and prescription drugs with you when you travel. This will help the medical staff who are trying to treat you.

Fly Smart

If you fly on a commercial jet, you are going to be on a crowded flight for hours with people you do not know. They may have a cold, the flu, or an illness that is not visible to the naked eye. Your hnd will be touching hand rests and bathroom handles that hundreds of people have touched. You have no idea what germs and bacteria are being transferred to you. You will breathe the same air that is circulating in the plane.

Smart travelers are opting for the comfort, cleanliness, and personal attention of a chartered jet. You can travel with just your family or opt or a mid-size jet and allow other small groups to travel with you and help absorb the costs. Fly as a bird, free of the worry of group contamination.

Other tips include:

  • Stay hydrated. Do not opt for alcohol, soda, tea, or coffee without drinking water to balance your hydration level.
  • Take advantage of the flight time to rest.
  • Take supplements to boost your immune system before your trip
  • Stay with your normal eating and sleeping habits and gradually adjust to the new foods and time zones.

If all comes down to preparation, planning, and protecting yourself and your property. If you do these simple things, you should have a seamless trip that leaves you refreshed and renewed.

About the Author

Ashley is a super-connector with Outreachmama who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.

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