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Using Military Chat Sites and Dating a Military Soldier

by Luka Young

Over two decades ago, there were not many online dating websites. In fact, the available ones were of general interest. This implied that you had to put in more effort just to find a match. Such sorting could probably take many days because of the number of people that were using the range of dating platforms back then.

In recent years, the internet has evolved to offer many niche dating sites for the benefit of people seeking a perfect match. Now, we have specialized platforms for seniors, military men and women, people living with disabilities, and others. You can easily find those whose lifestyles and interests are similar to yours on such platforms.

What is even more appealing is the fact that these specialized websites have been able to provide search features that can help you find your match based on very specific criteria. Even on online social platforms that are not specialized, search engines have been upgraded to make discovering someone for your criteria checklist possible.

Military Chat Sites

With military dating sites, your quest to date a soldier can be easily completed. These websites allow members of the military as well as civilians to find partners who are serving in the armed forces. There are services that offer paid and/or free subscriptions. You can check reviews for military dating sites in order to be sure about which medium is worth your money, time, and effort.

Search for an active online chat medium in the military niche. There are some that have up to hundreds of thousands of users. With such numbers, you will have a great number of options for matchmaking. What matters about these services is that every member is expected to have signed up for the same reasons.

The most popular platforms have interfaces that are easy to use and navigate. Apart from that, there are free online services that are extensive and have high functionality, in contrast to paid sites that do not allow you to access some very important features. There are mobile applications for the websites too.

Signing up is quite easy with options like your email, Facebook account, and others to register with. Your profile can be easily set up and posted for everyone to see. You have to be a single man or woman looking for a serious relationship, if you are thinking of signing up.

The Don’ts of Dating Someone in the Military

You should not forget the man or woman inside the uniform. Look past the outward appearance. It is nice to desire the prestige that comes with dating a uniformed man or woman, but remember that you have to make mature decisions. Read more about that here.

People tend to forget that soldiers are also human and the uniforms they wear do not determine their characters. Do not jump into the relationship too quickly. Try to know who you are getting involved with.

You would want to be in a location that is near your lover’s area of duty. This may be easier for women to do. However, you should not make such decisions hastily, especially when you do not have a source of income or employment. If you have a child, the decision making process would be more complex.

If he or she is on duty, you should use that period to get to know him or her more — through any means of communication possible. If you have a child, let your date know in due time (not immediately). Women often involve their kids too soon just to be sure about their partner’s reservations about dating someone who has a child. You need to be sure that the time is right for such introductions.

Running off with your partner in a love-dazed haste is not advisable. You cannot just leave your family, friends, education, and employment behind until you are sure of him or her. Make sure he is serious about you (marriage) and can take care of you and your child, if any.

Read more about that here.

If you do not have a job, you should be skeptical about moving with your partner because of the unknown. If the relationship goes sour, you would not want to feel like you have wasted all that precious time that could have been used to earn a living. Make sure you have a steady source of income before taking such a leap.

Ensure you will not lose out, if you have to end your job appointment for the sake of moving arrangements. It is not advisable to end your education prematurely too.

What Dating Someone in the Military Entails

Dating someone in the military can be a challenging venture because we have to deal with issues such as communication gaps, distance, and so on. Having to wait for your significant other to return from duty will take a lot of patience. Apart from that, there will be very few chances to communicate.

You will not know when he or she will be allowed to use a means of communicating with you. There is a lot of missing to do. The time difference is also another factor that can be frustrating, so you have to brace yourself.

Regular couples may have communication issues, but it is nothing compared to dating someone in the military. They are not permitted to use their phones during duty hours. On the other hand, you may be a busy person too. Get ready for scenarios such as phone calls with background noises of gunshots and bombs. Also, you may not hear from your partner for days, weeks, or even months!

Lastly, you have to think about what their jobs require them to do. It is alright to fear the unknown, but you have to be positive at some point and keep it that way. Dating a soldier can be very challenging, but with understanding and perseverance, love will always prevail. With all these in mind, you have to prepare to be strong on the home front and manage things well pending the time your uniformed lover will get return.

About the Author

Luka, is a part-time professor. When he is not teaching, he spends him time working on his first novel. He lives in Oregon together with his wife and 2 kids.

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