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How to Make a Guy Chase You – Tips and Advice

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Everyone is longing for a special someone who they can spend the rest of their lives with. Who wouldn’t? In a world full of twists and turns, it’s good to have someone to count on. In times of problems, troubles, and struggles, there’s nothing like the support that your significant other gives.

Facing the challenges that life brings is made easier knowing that someone will always have your back. Moreover, life becomes better when you have someone you can share and create memories with. Life is full of uncertainties; you’ll never really know what life has in store for you. But in this uncertain world, everything gets lighter when you have someone with you in facing the rigors of this world.

Unfortunately, not everyone can find a partner. Despite the rise of social media platforms that make meeting new people easier, a lot of individuals still have trouble building harmonious romantic relationships. A considerable number of people are still alone and loneliness seems to be prevalent. Some of the reasons why a lot find it hard to establish a connection with others include making relationships too idealistic, lack of respect for one’s self, being too manipulative and controlling, inability to forgive, not being ready for a relationship, and being self-centered. For a more elaborate discourse about the aforementioned reasons, click here.

Apparently, a lot of people are yet to get the hang of the art of dating. Many relationships fail because of taking the dating stages for granted. It is in this stage of the relationship where individuals will get the opportunity to know their potential partners on a deeper and more personal level. Not making an effort of knowing your partner well enough will cause the relationship to fall apart.

In failed dates, it is inevitable for someone to be hurt. The hurt party will then question one’s self and will try to figure what went wrong. One will be thinking if there is something wrong with him or her or what he or she has done to put this date off.     

If one person has really developed a strong attraction towards his or her date, that person can be chasing that potential partner away. More often than not, it is the girl who is chasing the guy. Although the other way around also happens, girls chasing guys is the more common scenario. Perhaps, this is because the girls are the ones that are more into looking for a serious relationship compared to guys who are commonly just looking for casual sex and hook-ups. For ladies who just can’t seem to understand what is going on in a man’s head, you can visit this link:, to better understand why men don’t chase you.

Ladies chasing guys and ending up heartbroken is a very familiar story. It’s just unfortunate that girls are more often the ones that are going after guys and getting hurt. If only there was a way to turn it around. Well good thing for you ladies, studies have been made to better understand men’s behavior. Here are some tips to get a guy to pursue you.

Don’t be an open book

  • Guys find mysterious women interesting. Don’t open up immediately. You don’t want to overwhelm a guy with your dramas. Don’t tell him your life story in one sitting and discuss stories, experiences, etc. gradually. In this way, a guy will be interested in more details about you as the days go by.

Play hard to get

  • Guys like challenges. If you play hard to get, guys will want to pursue you even more. Men like prizes and in this case, you are the prize. Playing hard to get has many times been proven to be effective in attracting people.

Keep him coming back for more

  • Don’t go all out on the first few dates. Tease him but don’t do it too much. Just do enough to get in his head and make him interested.

Be confident

  • Men like women who are comfortable in their own skin. Confidence in women is very appealing to men, especially for men with little to no self-confidence. Bear in mind that overconfidence is also repulsive to men. Know the difference between confidence and cockiness.

Men may seem predictable but they’re just not. Believing that you know men so well might lead you to underestimate them and ending up broken-hearted. Getting a man to commit might be difficult but with the right mindset and attitude, on top of sufficient knowledge about men, you’ll surely get a man to go after you.



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