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Meet in the Middle: How to Have Fun and Be Safe at the Pool

Guest Blogger: Kristene BlackhamMeet in the middle

The pool can be a place for relaxation and a source of enjoyment throughout all the sweltering months of the year. However, if the correct precautions are not taken, then it can also be a source of hazards or even life-threatening situations. The key to enjoying the pool responsibly is to take the right steps toward safety. It is critical that everyone around the pool maintain their alertness. Any children or individuals that cannot swim must be closely monitored. Normal situations can quickly become dire emergencies simply due to a lack of attention.

Enjoying a pool first requires that everyone be familiar with water-safety skills. One person that can swim should be present at all times. Individuals responsible for the safety of others should also be familiar with CPR techniques or have undergone CPR training. Parents should teach their children to swim from an early age. Most parents enroll their children in swimming classes where they can learn the basics of swimming and become familiar with the possible hazards around the pool area. The site provides a structured and friendly environment for children to develop their swimming skills and become proficient at navigating themselves in the water. Ensuring that you and your children feel comfortable in the water increases their enjoyment and adds to the safe environment you are able to provide.

Fun at the pool does require a few basic guidelines. Swimmers need to be aware of the dangers associated with drains and water filters. These components of the pool can potentially snag long hair and any loose or hanging jewelry. Running across a slippery surface should also be avoided. Hazardous areas such as diving boards, steps, and slides should be navigated with caution. An unexpected fall can easily leave an individual unconscious in the water. Other minor dangers include muscle cramping while swimming. Swimming should be avoided after eating or excessive consumption of liquids for at least 30 minutes.

Sharing the rules for safety with friends, family, and surrounding neighbors helps to create an environment where everyone can enjoy themselves responsibly. Pool and spa coverings can also play a role in safety when the water is not in use. Wherever possible, use covers that provide a tight seal which lock. Carelessness or unattended children can lead to an individual being trapped beneath the cover. A secure cover also prevents animals and other pests from making the pool their home. Once these simple precautions have been met, the summer fun can begin.

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Kristene Blackham is a freelance writer and a lover of the outdoors and traveling. She uses her spare time with her husband and cat. Her dream is to travel the world one day and try all the amazing food.

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