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When Should I Be Tested for STDs?

by John Gary

In the society we live in today, there are many things that can be the cause of concern when it comes to our health. Being exposed to many different situations in our lives today that we cannot control is a cause for all of us to be concerned about our well-being. With the desires of our society growing in many different directions, we have to be careful with the relationships we are involved in.

doctor with male patientThere has always been the desire for the humans to seek out sex for their pleasure since the beginning of time. With this desire comes the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). We need to take as many precautions as necessary for ourselves against STDs. But at times, we all let our guards down and come across the possibilities of being exposed so here are the times when I should be tested for STDs. Knowing when to be tested for STDs is a big part of protecting ourselves.

If you are sexually active, there is no doubt that you should be screened for STDs. Even if you have only had one partner, it is a good idea for both of you to be tested. This will let you know if you have ever been exposed to the HIV virus in any way. If you are a woman, you should be tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia. If both of you are screened then you will know that both of you are not exposed to any STD and you can practice clean sex precautions for your safety.

If you have been engaged in unprotected sex at any time then you need to take a STD test. You never know what you can be exposed to from another partner. You do not know their sexual history. There are a lot of times when drugs and alcohol are involved and our decisions are impaired. Even if you have had unprotected sex one time, you need to be tested. If you and your partner have not had unprotected sex and you are considering the option, both of you need to be screened and tested to see if you or your partner has been exposed to anything.

If you have tested positive in the past, there is a good possibility the infection could occur again. It would be a good idea to be screened again about three months after you have been cleaned from any infection. If you are involved in any type of risky sexual relationship, you will need to be tested. Relationships with hookers, sex workers, IV drug users, and other risky partners will put you in a high possibility of contracting dangerous infections. If at any time you have been exposed to a sexual partner in this type of environment, you will need to be tested for STDs.

If at any time you feel that you have the symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease, you will need to talk to your healthcare provider. The quicker you discover what is going on and what you have been exposed to is a great advantage to you. We all know that if we take care of the things we are to take care of as individuals, we will all live in a safer environment. Take the time today to talk to your health provider to see if STD screening is an option that you need to take advantage of.


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