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Students and Young Adults Needing Health Care: Why You Might Not be on Your Own

Guest Blogger: Mildred Robertson

Venturing into the world of health care is a daunting task for anyone, let alone a person in their early 20s. Before you start looking into paying for your own health insurance, however, make sure you’re exploring and considering ALL of your options—because you could have several that you don’t even know about.  Here are just a few ways you might be able to obtain health insurance through somebody else.

1. Talk to Your School

Sometimes, schools even require that you purchase one of their plans, since you’re exposed to so many germs spending time on a college campus. You’re often given the option to customize your plan and choose one that fits your budget. Still, make sure you know exactly what your coverage is. Many plans won’t do too much for you if you come down with something serious. This is why many students will still obtain outside insurance as a back-up.

Regardless, it’s good to have and can help save you a lot of money. Talk to your school and its health center about the plans they offer and why they would recommend you go through the college/university.

2. Your Parents May Still be Able to Help You

Young adults often mistakenly think that there’s a definitive time in their lives when they can no longer stay on their parents’ health insurance plan. You might have a little more flexibility than you think, however! As long as you’re not being offered coverage through your job and your parents’ plan still allows them to claim you as a dependent, you can still sometimes receive insurance even if you’re living away from home, financially independent, or even married!

Obviously, you know that you can’t stay on your parents’ health insurance plan forever; so make sure that you’re still staying on top of your business and have a plan for when you can no longer be considered their dependent. Know ahead of time what your options are, what you need for your coverage, and what you can safely work into your monthly budget.

3. Do You Already Have Major Health Problems?

If you answered “yes” to this question, health insurance might be a different story for you. Sometimes, these people are denied insurance because of their physical problems; but with the right insurance company, you can get a temporary plan that’s affordable—and it’s basically immediate. With these plans, people with pre-existing conditions are often given special consideration since their health and care costs are naturally going to cost more than the average, healthier person. You might be able to customize your plan differently, and you can probably expect the premiums and your deductible to be altered based on your physical state.

Regardless of which option you explore (and keep in mind there are several others), do remember that a lot of what governs these options is state laws and regulations. The smart adult will make sure that they look into their own state’s policies and rules. Also, don’t forget that if you move to another location, among your other responsibilities, you need to find out how it’s going to affect your health insurance!

About the Author

Mildred Robertson writes for several insurance blogs. Check out the different insurance coverages offered at http://www.privatemedicalinsurance.net.

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