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How to Lose 10 Pounds Safely?

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by John Gary

If you want to lose 10 pounds, there are safe ways to do it and more dangerous options. Obviously, most people do not want to put their health at risk and will opt for the safer options.

Here are 3 quick ways to lose 10 pounds safely…

1. Implement an Exercise Plan

One of the fastest and easiest ways to lose weight safely is to implement some kind of regular exercise plan. It does not have to be a daily plan but it should be consistent.

For many people, the mere thought of exercising is enough to make them cringe but it does not have to be a negative thing. Exercise can be very invigorating and there are many ways that you can work it into your life without taking the hard routes.

If you are one who struggles with motivating yourself to exercise, you might want to sit down and reconsider what kind of workouts you are doing. Find a way to add some fun to your routine and the stress of working out will all but disappear.

For example, what if you played some kind of sport or signed up for a dance class? Both of these things can give you plenty of good exercise without really thinking about the actual act of working out.

Regardless of what kind of exercise you elect to do, it’s very important that you add it to your weekly regime if you are serious about losing weight safely.

2. Limit Liquid Calories

Another way to lose weight safely is to reduce liquid calories. In reality, you want to reduce all calories but liquid calories can easily go unnoticed in result in rapid weight loss.

Unlike solid food, many of us are completely unaware that we are ingesting hundreds of extra calories through fruit juices, sodas, wines, and more. This is especially true if we are ingesting natural drinks like fresh squeezed orange juice or a power drink from your favorite fitness cafe.

The truth is that these calories can lead to significant weight loss and they must be avoided if you want to drop those pounds. According to a study done by Harvard University and Children’s Hospital in Boston, Mass., women who increased their daily consumption of sugar-based drinks from just one weekly to one per day were taking in more than 358 additional calories and this resulted in measurable weight gain. Increasing your water intake and being aware of how often you drink these kinds of beverages is an important step in losing weight. Also, add healthier drinks to your diet such as the line offered by Isagenix. You can purchase the entire range here.

3. Reduce Your Plate Size

Did you know that simply reducing the size of your plate can have a dramatic impact on how much food you eat?

Researchers have determined that having a smaller plate has an immediate impact on how much you eat. Not only does it help to reduce the actual portion sizes that you put on your plate, but it has some kind of psychological impact on the amount you actually ingest.

Some believe that we are subconsciously trained to finish whatever is in front of us, even if we are no longer hungry. By using a smaller plate, you are able to satisfy your hunger when eating but also reduce your calories due to the smaller amounts.

Whether you utilize one or all of the tips mentioned above, you will be well on your way to losing 10 pounds safely. The key is to be disciplined, stay consistent, and realize that it may be a slight struggle but you can do it.


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