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Health Checklists for Honeymoon Couples

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Guest Blogger: Roxanne Peterson

Your ticket, passport, and visa are not the only things you need to worry about when planning your honeymoon or Europe stag do. A lot of health issues are also there to take care of. Given below are things you need to take care of, related to your health, when going abroad on a honeymoon trip.

Plan in Advance

Your planning shouldn’t only consist of ‘what you are going to do there’. There is so much you need to take care of back home. Prepare at least a month before taking off on your honeymoon. Visit a healthcare centre and get vaccinated against all kinds of diseases in advance, in a proper sequence. Also, get immunized against Hepatitis and other diseases. Before doing so, check the immunization requirements and other health laws of the country or state you are traveling to. Certain countries require proper vaccination against some diseases before you are allowed to step in the country.

Turn to a Doctor

Visit your doctor before embarking on any trip anywhere. Your doctor will give you any required medication and tips on maintaining your health in a different atmosphere. It is preferable, for both the partners, to go for a complete body check up. Do this well in advance so that the reports are in your hand in time. No matter what kind of a trip you are going to, honeymoon or Europe stag do, always consult a doctor.


Buy all the required medication and pack them carefully in the prescribed form. In certain countries, you are to pack medicines in a certain way. Make sure you do it as required to eliminate any chance of trouble. Also, make sure you know the medicine’s generic name as the brand name often varies around the world.


There are many important documents you will be required to carry with yourself when going on a honeymoon or Europe stag do. First of all, make sure you have the doctor’s prescription with yourself; otherwise the authorities might not let you carry your medicines. A doctor’s prescription is required by law in most countries before you are allowed to take medicines. Get it in advance and carry it at all times.

Also, if you have any special medical issues, carry documents that state the case clearly. Cases such as migraine or diabetes often require such things. You can carry a card or a prescription regarding that. It helps quickly solve medical problems that arise during your tour. It is also suggested to carry your health records that greatly help in situations where medical help is necessary.

The Insurance

People often consider insurance a burden, neglecting the goods it does. Get health insurance today, and if you are already ensured, be sure of the policies. Most insurance companies do not cover expenses incurred abroad. Get extra coverage in order to save yourself from any high potential medical expense. Many people going on Europe stag do or honeymoon believe in getting insurance from the country they are traveling to, but it is a bad idea. Often, you might not even be eligible for insurance due to the nationality factor.

Talk to Your Partner

Talk to your partner about any issues or insecurities you have. If you have any medical issues, your partner must know about them. Do not be shy to speak. Your partner must know everything about you, especially related to your health. Before leaving, sit down and talk to each other about every health and travel issue.

An Extra Something

If you wear contact lens or glasses, then always carry an extra pair with yourself. If you do not have an extra pair, at least carry the prescription with yourself, so that in case something goes wrong, you will have a back-up.

Know the Place

Know about the place you are heading to. It is difficult to get a command over the native language (if it’s different from yours), but you must at least try and learn the basics to bridge the gap. Also, keep a map with yourself, and mark all the important places (airports, hospitals) on it so that you do not have trouble in finding your desired place.

And the Last Thing

You know your body the best, but make sure your partner knows it as well as you do, if not better. Your partner will be with you at all hours. He or she will be the first one to assist you in case any medical issue arises. Again, speaking about it is the best thing. Also, take care of your diet as changing atmosphere can have a negative effect on your health.

About the Author

Roxanne Peterson is a freelance writer for various blogs and communities related to health and travel. In her free time, she writes articles related to health, fitness, and anything that is related to them. For more information on her work, please visit Europe stag do.


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