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Approaching the Big Day: Preparing for Liposuction

Guest Blogger: Rod Kelly

There are things you can do before cosmetic surgery to insure that you enjoy the maximum benefit of your procedure and to make your recovery more comfortable. Try following these tips to put you firmly on the road to success before your liposuction.

– Quit smoking! The use of cigarettes or other tobacco products in the weeks before and after your surgery can greatly increase your risks of scarring, slow healing, and major surgical complications which could require further surgery to correct these problems.

– Find a friend you can take you to and from the hospital, and to your first follow-up appointment. You might feel up to driving yourself, but it is easier to make these arrangements in advance than the day of your procedure if you find that you cannot.

– Avoid taking over the counter (or prescription) medications as much as possible. Aspirin especially should be avoided because it thins the blood. Talk to your surgeon about other medications you may be taking and develop a plan for what you should and should not take.

– Ask for prescriptions, like pain medications before surgery so that you can fill them in advance.

– Cook and freeze, or buy, meals for 6-10 in advance, and stock your cabinets with easy snacks, choose foods that are low in sodium and high in protein. A High protein diet can make easier for the body to heal, and reducing your salt intake should reduce the swelling.

– Buy laxatives or stool softeners, and Mederma.

– Get a cordless phone to put near your bed, or couch.

– Make sure you have at least 3 changes of loose and comfortable clothing.

– Prepare for entertainment: buy puzzle books, movie, a remote—whatever will be necessary to keep you busy while you are tied down.

– Buy compression shorts or a compression top, whichever is appropriate, for the area you intend to have the liposuction done on. This will both increase the overall effect of the surgery, and help reduce swelling.

About the Author

Rod Kelly is a writer from the United Kingdom who likes to write informative and educational articles about health issues. Follow him on Twitter @thefreshhealth.

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