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Dr. Frank Gerbode Joins TraumaTalk to Share His Cure for Trauma: Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR)

Beyond Psychology by Frank A. Gerbode, M.D.

Beyond Psychology by Frank A. Gerbode, M.D.

June 19th episode of TraumaTalk, Dr. Frank Gerbode and Host Ezreena Scott discuss how TIR (Traumatic Incident Reduction) helps people process and resolve trauma and return to living a more fulfilling, productive and satisfying life.

Phoenix, AZ — (SBWIRE) — 06/20/2018 — After training in Philosophy, Medicine and Psychiatry from Stanford, Cambridge, and Yale Universities, Dr. Gerbode created a healing method beyond traditional psychoanalysis, whereby the client can gently process traumatic incidents in a safe, non-judgemental and non-interpretive manner.

Often a current “trigger” represents a series of similar incidents from the past that were not fully processed nor resolved. The accumulated residual charge from unfinished business is the clue to what the client needs to gently confront and process. When traumatic incidents are processed they can then be stored as past memories which allows one’s attention to be on the present….. not the past.

  • How does TIR work?
  • How do unprocessed traumatic incidents show up in behaviour?
  • How do unprocessed traumatic incidents affect one’s thinking?
  • How do we identify a trigger?
  • Is a trigger a symptom of unprocessed incidents?
  • What are symptoms of unprocessed trauma?
  • When we choose to process disturbing experiences….. how does this contribute to our personal growth?
  • What would it take for each of us to embark on a personal journey toward greater well-being?

Join us on TraumaTalk, Tuesday June 19 at 9:00AM Pacific Time

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