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Guest Blogger: Kathryn Shepherd

When content writing is done for the websites, there is a particular factor that must be kept at the back of the author’s mind – the website has to achieve the top ranking in the search engines. The algorithms of the search engines are generally secret but there are number of techniques that get used to achieve the top rankings. These techniques include placing the search term on the website pages, placing the same search terms when the website pages are getting linked, and the methods using which the visitors searching for these terms will be able to find the required content when a search engine reaches a webpage.

To ensure that all the above things happen smoothly to help the website get better rank, creative writing is a very important factor for optimizing a website because it could incorporate all these techniques.  Creative writing does not mean that there will be just keyword stuffing in your writing, but it means that the writing will allure the visitors to share and come back to the website pages. The thorough analysis of the keywords and phrases commonly searched by the internet surfers has to be done first. Excessive keyword stuffing will lower the rank of the webpage. So for creative writing of content, keyword density is very important. The right number of keyword phrases that are put in a strategic manner on the webpage will fetch high rankings on search engines; thus it is a challenge for creative writing. A perfectly written page can get ruined by keyword phrases inserted awkwardly in order to get higher rankings.

Once the target audience is known and the perfect keywords are chosen for the page, it is not an easy task to create a compelling piece of writing. A page that has got the word limit of 250-500 words can get optimize with one key word phrase. It becomes easier for the readers as people like to read short pages with just the required and focused information that can be linked to different ideas. The other things that play important role in search engine optimization are the page title and meta tags; it is very important to write precise meta tags that are related to the business and using the key phrases is also important. These tags come up on the search engine pages and are tempting enough for the visitors to select them and

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Kathryn is the author for Chrisalex Corp. She also writes for a website that offers online aging booth adding effects of smoking, weight gain, obesity, and sun exposure to your shot at 

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