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Give Your Family the Greatest Gift This Year – Your Recovery

by Bill Weiss

Drug and alcohol addicts are often given a specific stereotype. The truth of the matter is that an addict can be a successful business professional or a stay-at-home mom. Addiction knows no boundaries and can affect anyone at any time. For many people, it only takes one drink or one pill to become hooked. Thankfully, there is hope and help at the West Palm Beach Treatment Center. If your drug or alcohol problem is out of control, why not start your recovery before the New Year? The addiction will speak, telling you to make it through the holiday, but the reality is that you may not live to see another. This year won’t be different and you won’t get sober, unless you get

So many addicts make a New Year’s resolution to get sober. Unfortunately, the addiction won’t let go of you so easily. You need tools and addiction information to help you through this battle. At Delray Beach treatment center, you will find support throughout your journey. Remember, it’s not something that can be conquered overnight. It is going to take time and a whole lot of patience to get through this. It may seem appealing to wait until after the holidays. No one wants to miss family get-togethers. However, the appeal of starting fresh and making the New Year count is also alluring.

Each day matters with addiction. Each day you continue in your bad habits, you put yourself and your career in jeopardy. The addiction can deepen, and you can alienate family, friends, colleagues, and yourself. If you are on the fence about getting help around the holidays, here are eight reasons why you need to find the courage to go.

1. More Beds Available

As you well know, residential rehab facilities often fill up quickly. When you are ready to go, there may not be a bed available. Many people are in the same dilemma as you. They want to wait until after the holiday season to get help. Due to the number of clients who would rather be with family members, there is more time to get into a rehab center. When January rolls around, the beds will be full with people wanting to make lifetime commitments to change. You may have a hard time getting into a facility or finding a bed. You may face a waiting list and must compromise on your first choice.

2. Easier to Get Away from Work

Unless you are in retail, many businesses have closed offices and downtime during the holiday season. If you need to ask a subordinate for extra time-off, they are usually more than willing to grant your request during this time of year. Remember, you can use vacation or medical leave time, and you are under no obligation to tell them what you are doing.

3. The Timing Helps with Confidentiality

If you have a powerful job, you may not want anyone to know about your problem. If confidentiality is important, people may think you are spending extended time with the family. Having a block of time during a peak vacation season will attract less attention from your colleagues. There’s no reason to spark anyone’s curiosity if you don’t have to.

4. Bypass Temptation and Weight Gain

Everyone knows that those holidays are all about sweet treats and sugary goodness. So, if you are in a rehab facility this year, you won’t have to worry about your expanding waistline. Many people gain 10+ pounds during the holiday season, only to have to diet in the new year. Most people who give up alcohol lose a few pounds. Alcohol is known to have many calories and it can add to the overall physique. Skipping the sweet treats can be one temptation off your list.

5. Avoid Alcohol

If you already have a problem with alcohol, the holiday season is not one that is good for you. Office parties and other social gatherings often include alcoholic drinks from eggnog to martinis. Skipping these parties this year means that you won’t embarrass yourself, and you won’t drink too much and end up with a DUI on the way home. Rehab and addiction education can save your life, your license, and your reputation.

6. Treatment during the Holidays Shows You’re Serious

Your willingness to get help during the holiday season shows your company that you are serious about recovery. It can also speak to friends and family members about your dedication too. If you are a business professional, like a doctor, lawyer, or airplane pilot, you may have licensing boards to answer to. If you have an issue with drugs or alcohol, you need to be upfront and honest with them. They have outside agencies that monitor their employees for the safety of those they serve. On the flip side, it is the perfect time for supervisors who feel their employees may have a problem to reach out to help. Give an employee time to heal their issue, and they will be rejuvenated for the New Year.

7. Celebrate with Family/Friends in a Controlled Environment

Many people think that signing up to West Palm Beach Treatment Center means that they won’t get to celebrate the holidays at all. Most rehab facilities encourage celebrating the holidays. However, this time of reflection will be met by doing service projects, hanging decorations, and building bonds with people within the treatment community. Friends and family celebrations are essential, but building bonds with people in the same shoes is priceless.

8. The Time Away Is Worth the Price

Think of a trip to Delray Beach rehab as a fresh start. It’s only one holiday season that you won’t be there to celebrate. This one missed season may dictate the ability to be at future holidays. Depending on your addiction and its severity, you may not make it another year in the current state. You need to get back on track and break free of all the destructive patterns that have dictated your life.

The thought of not being with your family and friends during the holidays may seem unbearable. You may feel that you are letting them down. Focus on yourself for a minute and your current struggles. You have an opportunity to transform your life. You will give your loved ones a break from worrying about you and your lifestyle. You will be in a safe place that will secure your future. The addiction information you receive through counseling is life changing. The best gift you can give yourself and others is recovery this holiday season. Start off the New Year right.

About the Author

Bill is am an advocate for addiction recovery. It is his goal to inform more people that there is hope if you’re struggling with substance abuse. He feels strongly about substance abuse recovery, because he has experienced it firsthand, personally and among family members.

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