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Car Safety Guidelines for Smooth Travel

Guest Blogger: Kathryn Shepherd

Car accidents are causing a lot of havoc among people and such news keep hitting the newspapers on regular basis. It has some hypnotic effect on the minds of people. It is necessary to take precautionary measures in order to prevent such traumatic circumstances. Make sure to broadcast all these safety guidelines to each and everyone so that you can a play vital role in preventing dreadful events for yourself and others on control

  • It is essential to cross check your vehicle at least one time before moving ahead to your journey. As you know, car manufacturers always advice regular maintenance of vehicles on regular basis. Try to bring your vehicle to a professional mechanic especially while going away for a long journey. Do follow the regular maintenance work for your vehicle to keep it in right condition.
  • Make sure to give equal respect to seat belts as these straps can prevent traumatic conditions on road. It is true that seat belts play a crucial role in preventing immense damage to the driver. In fact, others should also wear seat belt seriously as far as safety matter is concerned.
  • Both hands should be on steering wheel as it helps you to get better control during sudden turns. The use of mobile phones should be seriously avoided as mobile phones can make you lose concentration and thus increases chances of accidents.
  • Always concentrate on road and other vehicles. It really helps in increasing the reaction time and thus you can easily avoid accidents by doing so.
  • The limitations and performance of car should be monitored properly by the driver. You must know brakes performance so that you can easily handle situation during high traffic on road. It is always recommended to check the brakes and mileage of car before moving out for long drive.
  • It is necessary to stop and rest frequently as your eyes and body needs rest from time to time. There is no need to do experiments with body, so try to stop your vehicle during regular intervals. If you cannot stop your vehicle due to less available time then make sure to give it to someone else for driving. If you are alone in car then regular stops should be taken. It not only helps you to drive well but also improves your reaction time that eventually prevents the accident.
  • Most people overlook the significance of a good meal before moving away for long drive but it should be considered seriously. Make sure not to intake food with high quantity of sugar as it may crash the energy levels. Also, do not consume too much stodgy food as it can make you bit weary. Instead, it is always recommended to drink a lot of water at regular intervals. Having fruit and sandwiches can also help you to drive well. Even having fruits while driving will also make you feel fresh upon your arrival from the long drive.
  • While on long drive, it is not at all safe to put your vehicle on cruise control. This system can make you feel more lazy and hypnotic. It is necessary to drive car on your own but with following all of the above guidelines. Cruise control is a good feature but only for a few seconds or minutes. Do not use this feature for a long time as it may cause an accident to happen.

So, make sure to follow all of the above car safety guidelines for smooth travel while planning to go on a long drive. Just a single mistake can become a mistake of your life!

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Kathryn is the author for Chrisalex Corp. She has also written several articles on the topic what will i look like in 20 years for the website

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