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So You Have a Disease

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Powerful, beautiful, moving – Beth Praed’s So You Have a Disease (Crosslink Publishing, 2021) is a collection of devotions and personal stories that restore hope in the reader.

Praed starts the book with the disturbing news of her diagnosis with a potentially fatal disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), back in 1995. While living with MS progressing over the decades cost her physical pain and mobility issues, her spiritual self gained in strength and devotion. The many stories included in So You Have a Disease show readers how the author’s life was enriched spiritually as she started to witness the small miracles of daily life while coping with a debilitating illness.

While the book has many gems of spiritual education, two lessons stand out and repeatedly speak to the reader’s attention:  kindness and gratitude. These lessons are shown in real life stories of people who exhibited extraordinary patience, humility, and courage while living through difficult times and facing various challenges. Praed tells readers how and what she learned from someone’s life before offering it to us as a lesson to embrace.

Throughout the book, Beth Praed keeps reminding us that there are many of us on this earth that we can call “angels in training” as they see the real meaning of life after going through hard times and are enlightened in the spirit to bring hope to others.

The stories in this book are short, mostly one or two pages each, yet powerful. Relevant biblical verses are included with many of these stories. And lessons of kindness and compassion for animals make part of the author’s appeal for living positively via faith.

Written in an uplifting and inspirational tone, So You Have a Disease is a book that exceeds expectations and achieves way beyond its limited pages. Beth Praed’s work makes the perfect Christmas gift for the human soul.

ISBN: 9781633573208


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