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One with Willows

by Ann Chiappetta

The first book of poetry by Joan Myles, published independently in March 2019, contains forty-eight poems rooted in the author’s own inspired spiritual seeking. This little volume leans securely upon her dedicated religious study and practice.

The reader is brought along a path of discovery and wonder with this inaugural collection and will want more after the final page is turned. The overall feel of the poems is whimsical at first. At some point the reader feels the solemnness, the spiritual rapture within the words. Simple things speak volumes, like the sunrise, the beauty of a ruby hummingbird or raindrop. Other poems also harness a depth of a quest for understanding. For example, in the poem “Hide and Seek” the seeker means more than a child’s game, and implies adults play a game with hearts and faith in a context of lost innocence.

Myles work connects with the reader, engages all the senses and flows well when read aloud, similar to a hymn or prayer book. The themes explored in One With Willows touch upon one another – just as the bowed branches of the willow touches upon earth or water rustled by the wind.

The poet’s expert craft of brevity balanced with meaning creates lyrical resonance admired by this reader. The author’s poems connect with what makes us who we are, solidifying identity and purpose of our roles in this life: mother, sister, daughter, supplicant, wife, and questioner. Joan also places us beside the natural beauty and wonders as we should be, grounding us.

One With Willows is brimming with wonder and joy. You will want to keep this volume within easy reach as it is filled with the true gift of faith, hope, and curiosity.

ISBN: 9781798675199

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About the Reviewer

Ann Chiappetta M.S. is an author and poet, making meaningful connections with others through writing. Ann’s nonfiction essays have been printed in Dialogue magazine, among others. Her poems are often featured in Poesis, The Pangolin Review, and Magnets and Ladders. Her poetry is also included in Breath and Shadow’s 2016 debut anthology, Dozen: The Best of Breath and Shadow. Her books—a poetry collection Upwelling: Poems, a memoir Follow Your Dog a Story of Love and Trust, Words of Life: Poems and Essays, and a short story collection A String of Stories From the Heart to the Future—are available in both e book and print formats from Amazon. Visit her site to learn more about her work.

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