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Here’s Why Eharmony Vs Match Is The Most Popular Dating Site Comparison

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Dating has changed and evolved over the centuries. While people used to be married off for material goods and properties, now we have the opportunity to choose our own partner and enjoy searching.

The latest trend in dating has been online dating, as you can see here, which started with the wider use of the internet. It allowed people from various places, even different continents, to meet and get to know each other. Because of this, the dating pool is wider and you have many more chances of finding the love of your life.

This is both good and bad because you also have to compete with everyone else from all over the world for the attention of the one you like.

All of this was enabled by online dating services. At the moment, there are so many different ones that opting just for one can be hard. There are mobile ones and desktop ones too.

So, of course, people look at online reviews to figure out what they need to do and which online service to join. In addition to online reviews, there are also comparisons that help anyone decide between two services in a simpler way.

And one of the more popular comparisons online is that between eHarmony and Match.

Read on if you want to know why.

What is Online Dating?

Online dating is the process of finding friends, sexual or romantic partners online. This is usually done through specific websites that have algorithms for online dating, but it can be done through social media too.

However, meeting someone through social media means that you might not be properly matched or that they don’t have the same intentions as you do. Online dating services require creating a detailed profile and they will match you with people with similar interests. People on online services are usually very interested in being with someone, and you know that their intentions are similar to yours.

Most services are based on chatting through messages, but some also have video or voice calls included. Some online services are highly specific in the type of people they connect, while some gather huge groups of people with no specific groups.

For example, some online dating services are focused on connecting people who are just looking for a hookup, while some are connecting people who are looking for long-term relationships.

Some online dating services are focused on LGBTQ+ people, while some are connecting just straight people or just Christians or just Jews. You can see more about the trends in dating services here:

So, as you can see, there are plenty of options out there for everyone.

Why Do People Like Comparisons?

The online world brought along some interesting options for people across the globe. With social media, online dating, learning opportunities and so on, it also brought online reviews. Before when we shopped, we had to use recommendations from friends or the salesperson in the store. Most likely, it was the process of trial and error.

However, now we have the chance to read dozens of reviews before we buy something. We get to hear from people who enjoyed the product or service and from people who didn’t. So, we can make better decisions.

As with everything else, online dating services have their own reviews. And among them are comparisons.

These are helpful because they talk about two websites, side by side, and people can easily see how one compares to the other. Comparisons are usually unbiased and they go through a list of elements that a service should have.

Of course, not all services are the same and – as mentioned – they don’t go for the same audience.

But this is precisely why the comparison between eHarmony or Match is so popular – they are quite similar in certain elements.

So, let’s see how they compare to each other.

What’s The Difference Between Match and eHarmony?

Choosing an online service for you isn’t a simple task. You have many options and it’s hard to know which one suits you. Which service can help you find your match?

The two best and most familiar websites out there are eHarmony and Match, so those two are most often compared. They have been around for about 20 years.

So, which one is better?


This online dating service has more than 20 million users and it focuses on connecting people who are looking for serious, long-term relationships. This is probably not the best place for someone who’s looking to date casually or for LGBTQ+ people, as this website doesn’t have a huge pool of people for them.

However, it’s still diverse in the sense of being great for Christians, Jews, African-American, Asian, Senior or any other kind of straight singles.

eHarmony has designed its own compatibility test with 29 dimensions, developed by an experienced psychologist who specialized in relationships. This test, your profile and your “something to talk about”, help the algorithm find you a match.

You don’t get a search feature, though, as eHarmony does the matching for you and you don’t get to pick your own matches. eHarmony also uses a process where you complete sections about you and then send questions to a potential match. Both of you get to complete this guided communication part and after that communicate. You can also call or text each other without revealing your number.

With eHarmony, you can only communicate with your matches and no one else can contact you. If you want to stop talking with someone, you can just “close” them and this removes you and them from each other’s matches.


This online dating service offers the most diverse pool of people. It has more than 21 million people registered with them, and they come for a wide range of backgrounds, ethnicities, sexualities and so on. They are also not all looking for strictly romantic relationships, but rather all kinds of relationships like causal flings, friendships and so on. It’s definitely a mix of all sorts of people.

It uses an algorithm to match people and it collects information from you to help the algorithm find you the best match. You can perform a search yourself on this site and it offers you 5 matches daily based on all sorts of elements.

You can send a message to anyone, use a SecureCall, send winks and likes, you can see who has seen your profile and so on.

Which One Is Better?

When you look at online comparisons, each of them will have a different winner. However, it will all depend on what you need from a website and what you want in terms of a relationship. Take your pick, read your comparisons and make a decision that will help you get what you want and need.

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