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5 Side Effects of CBD Oil

by Richard Browny

You’ve heard of all the fuss about CBD oil. You might be even a big-time user and can give testimony or two. But do you know the side effects of CBD oil? Have you taken time to understand its downside and why you should reconsider using it?

CBD Shelter tries to bring you all the information you should know about the hemp plant and CBD oil. Keep on reading and learn the information that will help you make informed choices tomorrow.

In a world where everything is presented on a marketing front, it should not be a surprise that this is also the case in the health and medical industry. A ton of pills and medication bring more harm than it was meant to bring good to consumers. Starting any medication without doing your research may thus be detrimental to your health.

The same can be applied to CBD oil, which is a non-psychoactive product from the marijuana plant. Since the legalization of medical cannabis in different states, producers have teamed up with marketers to come up with a diverse range of products claiming to have its healing effects.  You will mostly find every marketer and online source out there, claiming that CBD oil is the new miraculous ‘moringa’ tree. Nonetheless, you will rarely find useful articles or offline sources, showing you the actual side effects of CBD oil.

CBD oil

What You Should Know About CBD Oil

Cannabidiol, simply stated as CBD oil, is the extract from the hemp plant that has been medically discovered to have amazing healing benefits. In a bid to increase sales and marketing, merchants now promise you to recover from anxiety to cancerous cells while using CBD oil. As a result, CBD has found its way into different products ranging from toothpaste to shampoos, gummies, liquid, pills, and even additives to supplement your coffee.

That notwithstanding, reliable research from Harvard Medical School and other nutritionist show that CBD oil has been found to address cases of epilepsy in children, chronic pain, some form of anxiety, seizures, and even arthritis.

Length of Effect

Some factors may effectively determine how long to feel the effects of CBD oil. These include:

  • Amount of dosage used
  • Means used to administer medication
  • Type of CBD oil used
  • Symptoms to be relieved.

The advice for anyone seeking to start using CBD oil for recreation or medication would be to have a serious consultation from your MD first. This is the right person to recommend the dosage and type of CBD oil.

The best CBD oil you can find in the market is one produced by a renowned firm, which is also verified by a 3rd-party lab. Other products out there may contain additional ingredients which may tone down or aggravate the effects of CBD oil.

The most common method of application is liquid drops under the tongue. There are also pills, and one can also apply the oil topically. Smokers are not especially lucky when it comes to CBD oil. CBD vape oil side effects may be manifested in the lungs.

So, which are these side effects of CBD oil you should be cautious about?

  1. CBD Oil and Diarrhea

Whereas some may use CBD oil for weight loss, few people know that because of the changes in appetite, CBD oil cause diarrhea, as well as tiredness might occur. This drains the food and water supply in the body, causing one to have dry mouth, which constantly needs periodic hydrating. Nevertheless, when compared to other drugs used to address psychotic disorders, CBD oil was found to have favorable side effects.

  1. Reacting With Other Pharmaceutical Products

It would be best for you not to mix the oil with other medications you’re currently taking. The metabolism that takes place due to the interaction in your liver at this point could be damaging to you. Considering how carelessly it is marketed, you need also to inform your family and friends concerning these side effects. Think about the possibility of CBD oil and liver damage and spread the news.

  1. CBD Oil and Blood Pressure

This curious medication tends to act as a blood thinner, which may start by showing symptoms of lightheadedness. When ignored, it could be lethal to people suffering from heart disease and low blood pressure. Since you’re most likely on medication for low blood pressure, Cannabidiol should be on the bottom of your list of options. Should you find yourself in such a scenario and start experiencing the lightheadedness, a simple glass of coffee could do the trick – though it’s not a remedy.

  1. Worsening Parkinson’s Disease

When experiencing some severe diseases, CBD oil may only increase the symptoms, making the current state worse. This could be attributed to the limited research concerning CBD oil in addressing various diseases.

  1. Increasing the Placenta’s Permeability

Both lactating and pregnant mothers should keep miles away from CBD oil. A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that CBD could increase the porousness of the placenta barrier, making it risky for the unborn child.

Even though the oil has been showcased to address epilepsy in young children, one is still advised on maximum caution when it comes to application to children.

Mild Side Effects

On top of the 5 side effects discussed, one might also experience other minimalistic side effects, including mood swings and changes, a feeling of nausea, which may lead to vomiting, fatigue, immune system problems, drowsiness, a sleepy state, and also increased anxiety.

Conclusion: As you can see, it’s not all uphill when it comes to Cannabidiol. Sure, the hemp product will leave you in a feel-good state, especially when you find the real deal. All the same, if the downside of using the green merchandise carries more weight to you, consider keeping off at all costs.

Now that you know the other side of the coin, would you still use CBD oil? Do you have any concerns regarding CBD oil effects on the brain? Drop us a comment!

About the Author

Health products should be exactly for that purpose – promote your healthy state. Richard Browny firmly holds on to this motto and has gone out of his way to do multiple research concerning different health topics. Being a nutritionist himself, he offers quality advice when it comes to health and wealth matters.

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