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Things to Ask Your Waiter at a Restaurant Before You Order

Adam Reeve

Getting the best services at whatever food outlet is your right – you paid for it. This should also include the best services to complement your keto diet meal plans. But how do you even start asking the attendant questions on keto? Read on to find out.


You got the right to make your keto diet just right!

Most people going to eat out readily accept whatever is on the menu without questions. Only a small majority will seek further clarifications and 1% will ask the waiters for specially-made orders. This is a good way to put your shyness aside as you get the best value for your money.

This is especially so when on a keto diet. You only need to assess the number of celebrities hooked on Keto Supplement Pills and claiming to be part of the keto diet mania to know how seriously worth-it keto diet is. Everyone today seems to be on a ketogenic diet and it is fun to see how the miracle diet is working differently for different people. However, maintaining a state of ketosis seems to be a challenge for many especially if you are used to eating outside as it is the norm of the day. We aim to address this later on, but first, let’s get down to the basics.

Why A Keto Diet?

It’s pretty hard to miss noticing a guy who’s been around for more than a century. The keto diet was started in the 1920s as a medical plan to combat epilepsy. It would only be years later that scientists would observe the other health benefits of the keto diet. These include better heart health, combating other neurological disorders and the most commonly accepted benefit – weight loss.

The purpose is to enter ketosis through subjecting your body to a change of energy sources. Normally, the body would run on carbs as fuel but a ketogenic plan aims to shift this to dependence on ketones produced in the liver. These ultimately come from increased fat content. That said, the keto diet rules are easy to break if you don’t keep a close check on the macronutrients as well as total daily calories. So, what do you need to know before eating out and what should you confirm with your waiter?

Develop loyalty once you find your perfect keto diet restaurant.

Don’t just wine and dine in every last stop that yields a sensational aroma – be cautious to choose the best keto diet-friendly restaurants that will save you from the risks of exposing yourself to sweeteners, carbs, and starchy foods that slow your ketogenic progress. It’s not just a matter of being extra kind to your tongue but is also about increasing your ketogenic state.

Do you have a Keto Diet Menu Plan?

It’s not all the time when you get to plan exactly which hotel you’ll visit with a clear mind about what you’ll eat. Sometimes, a friend or a colleague might want to take you out on a treat and you wouldn’t want to be a moron and refuse to eat simply because you’re on a keto diet weight loss plan. Instead, ask for a keto diet menu plan and decide on your best options.

Be specific with your meal plan and make sure the waiter understands!


Don’t be surprised and start wondering what is the keto diet menu plan! As time has gone by and lifestyle trends become more and more diverse, businesses, including hotels, are also aiming diversity by conforming to their customers’ needs and preferences. There are some restaurants we’ve been in that will only show you the regular menu until you ask for a special diet menu! You’d think they would be haphazard in their cooking attempts until you taste their sumptuous meal and start swearing never to eat out anywhere else!

What Are The Ketogenic Diet Keto Ingredients and Options?

You have been faithful in keeping up with your daily macros and even use a tracking app to ensure you are fully reminded. What’s more, you have your best ketogenic calculator to enable you to keep a firm check on your total calories. This should not come to a stop when eating out. Simply ask for the ingredients used to make your diet before the waiter leaves. It will not be rude to seek out alternatives for ingredients used. For instance, instead of using vegetable oil to make that special egg order, you can have them make you a buttered egg for the extra fats. If the chef is good enough, you’ll be sure to have an endless list of substitutes.

Make sure you use the best keto diet restaurant guide to arrive at your decisions. A little help, after all, is the fiber that keeps our society in check.

What Keto Drinks Do You Have?

There are plenty of keto diet options for drinks and beverages you can have. Once you inquire about the choices your restaurant has, you can make your decision. Avoid sugary drinks at all costs and processed drinks and foods. This also applies to food – sweeteners are a no-no on your keto diet. Fruit juice won’t serve you right because of the excessive natural sugars.


Knowing the basic keys to keto diet helps a great deal – what food options are available to you? What foods should you avoid on keto? How fast did it take for you to enter ketosis and what is your daily caloric deficit goal? These are all important questions to consider that will help you structure logical keto diet questions to ask the waiter. Also, you need to be meticulous about the tit-bits such as the sauce used as not all restaurant menus indicate this. This is because of the cornstarch, wheat flour and other carb-rich thickeners used in sauces. In short, you need to make it clear that sugars, starch, and carbs should not be included in your keto diet dish.

Conclusion: It would be much better if you got your best keto diet restaurant guide and make it a habit to prepare this meal at home. This is not only healthy but will give you the freedom to make it the best in consistency with your weight loss goals. That said, if you aren’t a habitual restaurant eater, you can always give yourself a break by making your restaurant day a cheat day and incorporate higher carbs than you normally do. Only consider this if you’ve been in ketosis for a long time and know how to manage the state. What trouble have you previously had with waiters in restaurants even while ordering food? Let us know your thoughts to help us all avoid certain mistakes.

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Young, calm and free – Adam Reeve has a charming personality. He is a health nerd and explores different keto diet options on his blog. What’s more, he gives his readers extra tips to stay healthy and see them well on their way to achieving their weight loss goals.


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