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A Farewell to Recovering the Self, the Print Journal

2023 is coming to an end and we are bidding farewell to the year as well as our beloved journal Recovering the Self. After publishing 17 issues, the print and e-journal is closing for good.

recovering the self farewell

Since we started the print and electronic journal in 2009, Recovering the Self turned out to be an extraordinary journey of hope and healing – the two words that express the heart and soul of the publication. It was the spirit of healing internally that gave birth to the journal at a liternity ward called the Loving Healing Press (LHP). It soon grew to become a venue for so many people to share their stories of recovery and their journey to peace and self-empowerment all around the world.

But all things, including all good things, come to an end. So did Recovering the Self. Over the time, the input from both my side and the readership faded. It seems that the COVID-19 crisis also struck a big blow to the journal as all our lives were locked in an invisible box for well over two years. We finally came out of the box but our struggling baby did not; so it’s time to say goodbye.

Does this mean our journey of hope and healing with LHP has come to an end? Hardly! We keep marching on the path of healing toward hope and peace with our journal site of the same name – this platform where we continue to share writings that speak to our heart and soul. So our baby lives digitally in the form of this venue. I know the trees are blowing us kisses from all around for going digital.

We thank you all for being part of Recovering the Self and welcome your participation in our journey on this platform.

Message from the Publisher, Victor R. Volkman

I would like to personally thank each and every contributor. Whether you gave us just a short poem or a long and detailed account of personal recovery, you have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of people who have read the RTS Journal anthologies over the years. Some of you have even gone on to write books that I have published. Regardless of where you are or what you have done, we encourage you to stay in touch with Ernest and I as you progress on your own journeys of recovering the self!  Never forget that the smallest pebble dropped into a pond will create ripples far beyond what it can ever know.

Special thanks to Ernest Dempsey who has carried the project forward these past 10 years far more than I could ever do on my own. The blog will remain open to both short and long-form submissions for the foreseeable future.  You can address all correspondence about it to

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