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Positive Affirmations were My Transformation!

Guest Blogger: Thomas Allan

Such a simple tool, positive affirmations, but they have been my transformation and my one constant through the last two decades and beyond.

Before I get into my story, I’d like to make sure you know what positive affirmations are.

To define them simply, they are just positive statements which you say to yourself to affirm something to be true (even if it’s not… yet).

For example you could say affirmations for confidenceto yourself, if you wanted to improve your confidence and become more social and outgoing (this is how I got started). To give some actual examples, these would be statements such as:

“I am confident within myself and love myself unconditionally.”

“I am confident, outgoing, social, and friendly.”

“Every day I become more outgoing and confident.”

You can see they are actually just simple statements really, and the theory is that over time, these statements become so natural to you, you hear them so often (as you repeat them each morning and evening), and they become a self-fulfilling prophecy—they sink deep down within your subconscious mind and they become a real and lasting part of who you are.

And let me tell you, this is much more than a theory for me – this is how it happened to me when I first started, and I was amazed that such a simple tool, such a simple daily practice could yield such results.

My Story

I first started using positive affirmations when I was 17 years old… a long time ago now.

I was a shy, introverted teen, but I wanted nothing more than to go to parties, become more social and chat to some girls.

There was no way (that I could see) to develop myself… there was no Internet to consult with the type of self-improvement information available today, there was no way I would even consider asking anyone for help (for fear of them laughing about me), I thought I was stuck and didn’t know how I could improve… until I read an article in a magazine about positive affirmations.

That was the first day of the rest of my life. I finished reading the article and started straight away. I wrote my first affirmations for confidence, and like the article said, I stood at the mirror and said them every morning and ever evening before bed. Just 5 minutes at a time.

Straight away I noticed a difference, not huge, but just a feeling of positivity, excitement, the potential for change… Then within two weeks, I really did notice a significant difference in my self-perception, in my self-belief, and in my outgoing confidence and social skills.

This first experience only made me push further forward, I kept saying my affirmations and soon I started making more of an effort socially, within a few months, my social circle doubled and I started going to the parties I always wanted to—then four months into my affirmations experiment, I got my first real girlfriend. One day I looked back on my life and saw it transformed!

I could have cried for happiness at what a difference there was between now and just a few months earlier… but I didn’t, I was ,at the same time too excited to cry—excited about the future possibilities, about how else I could use affirmations to enhance my life and to excel in other areas.

And so I did. Over the years positive affirmations have always been with me. I have written out hundreds and hundreds for all different areas of my life at different times and different pursuits.

Using Affirmations for Health

Later in my life, I found myself with some health complications after a motorbike accident. Without going into too much detail, it was quite serious, consisting of both broken bones and internal injuries and I required a few rounds of surgery—each time was supposed to be the last but due to other problems or unsuccessful attempts, I had to have a few operations.

To start with, I was ok mentally, but the operations really wore me out and I was really quite sick too, of course.

Then I realised I had never used affirmations for health before; so I started there and then. I wrote my own, based on how I was feeling compared to how I wanted my health to be.

Once again, the results were phenomenal, and I am certain it was the affirmations at play!

First of all, I felt much more mentally able, I felt more upbeat and positive, and less drowsy and down. Then within a week, I started to pickup physically. I didn’t need as much sleep; I had more energy; and then with consultations with doctors they said they were impressed with my progress and maybe I wouldn’t need my 4th operation yet.

That 4th operation never came and I made a full recovery, and the turning point for me was crystal clear—when I started using my affirmations again.

Using Affirmations for Business

The main way I have used affirmations though is for business success; to help me acquire a positive and focused mindset, to help me to think like other successful entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen do, to boost my confidence (of course), and to get me into the right state of mind to pitch to investors, other directors, or to present sales presentations.

Over the last 20 years, I have been successful in business, I live a lifestyle of my design and I have owned or do own online businesses, real estate portfolios, land, and have partnered in several offline retail and service-based businesses.

All along this journey, and still to this day, I have used positive affirmations to help me get to where I wanted to be.

Positive affirmations for me aren’t a quick fix, or a passive pursuit—if you take them seriously, repeat them daily and use them consistently, then they could be all you need; they are all I have ever needed.

About the Author

Thomas Allan is a positive affirmations enthusiast. He runs the world’s largest collection of free affirmations – visit today to browse 1000s of affirmations for almost every personal development goal imaginable.

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