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Clove Powder – Instant Relief from Tooth Pain

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A chipped tooth is one of the most painful conditions one can encounter due to deep tooth cavities that are not taken care of in time. What can you do about the debilitating pain?

My personal experience with a chipped tooth (in my case a lower right molar) was a nightmare. The pain was recurring and outright horrible. My options with OTC medication were few – ADVIL or TYLENOL. Neither was much help, and with ADVIL I got a dreadful feeling of weakness that made walking difficult for me so I quit after taking a single pill.

One night the pain flared up and although rinsing with mouthwash brought a minute of relief, the pain returned soon and won’t let me sleep or sit in peace. In agony, I browsed the home remedies and went to the grocery store to get a few – coconut oil, garlic, and clove powder.

Trying one after the other, I found sudden and instant relief with clove powder. The moment I applied it to the affected area, it worked magic—my pain went numb from scale 10 to zero. And I was able to sleep—FINALLY.

So how to apply clove powder for a painful tooth cavity or exposed nerve ending condition? It’s simple. Take a Q-tip, dip it in coconut oil or just plain water, and dip it in clove powder to get the powder stick to it. Apply the powered in and around the cavity where it feels sore and painful. Expect instant relief until you get treatment at a dentist.

Since I found clove powder to provide quick relief from pain, I made sure I kept it with me during travel as well long as my chipped tooth wasn’t taken care of. I got clove powder crushed and bottled at a grocery but surely you can make your own at home by crushing dried cloves.

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