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6 Simple Ways To Avoid Having A Breath That Can Knock People Out

Do you ever try to keep your mouth closed because you’re scared rancid smells are creeping out? Nobody should have to deal with the stress that comes from thinking they have a bad breath; so here are a few simple ways to guarantee your mouth is always as fresh as ever.

Chew sugarless gum

Some people hate chewing gum because they don’t think it looks very classy, whereas other people enjoy having some gum in their mouth because it relaxes them. It just goes to show you we all think differently and nobody is wrong. That being said, the people who do enjoy chewing gum will have a fresher breath and if you’re scared of breathing on people I’d recommend you do the same. The gum will stimulate saliva flow which will clean your mouth out.

Embrace vegetables

If you’ve decided you’re too classy to chew gum there is another solution to your problem. You just need to eat more vegetables, but not the ones you put on your plate at dinner time. You should chomp down on some crunchy carrots or celery when you have 5 minutes to spare. Just like the gum they will stimulate saliva flow, but they will also take away your hunger pains. When you are hungry, your stomach can build up with acid which will make your breath stink.

Eat some parsley

Maybe you’ve seen this on your plate when you’ve visited restaurants in the past. Don’t worry because I doubt they were trying to give you a little hint by slipping some onto your plate; but it can still help to freshen your breath if you bite down on some. This is actually because it contains chlorophyll, which some people call “breath deodorizer”. If you don’t like the taste of it on your own, you can always throw some into the blender when you make a smoothie in the morning.

Tobacco leaves you dry

Tobacco does a lot of harmful things to your body, yet some reason people always seem to focus on the cancer and death. They don’t turn around and tell you to close your mouth because you stink as they’re far too polite. You will obviously stink because of the tobacco you’re inhaling, but it also dries your mouth out and you know what happens when you don’t produce enough saliva. Maybe it’s the reason why lots of smokers are also gum chewers.

Scrape your tongue

When was the last time you scrapped your tongue after cleaning your teeth? If you said “never”, you’re not alone because millions of people don’t even think about it. They’re far too concerned with brushing their teeth that they forget lots of bacteria form on the tongue. Sooner or later it’s going to start smelling bad if you don’t wash it away. You’re much safer just getting a tongue scrapper and using it every time you brush your teeth.

Carry a water bottle

We’ve covered a lot of ways you can keep your saliva flowing throughout the day, but it’s even easier to just make sure you drink plenty of water. There are a million reasons why drinking lots of water every day is important and the fact it flushes away bacteria and food particles is just a bonus. Those are the main causes of bad breath, so even if you don’t enjoy plain water I’d still highly recommend you walk around with a bottle of sugar free squash.

Stop thinking about it

Even if you don’t have bad breath, it’s sometimes hard to feel confident when you think everyone is disgusted by the smell coming out of your mouth. If you follow the tips we’ve talked about today, you can forget about your breath because you’ll know it smells great.

 About the Author

This article has been written by Shruti Vaghe, a freelance blogger, who often writes for Advanced Dental Artistry, a dental clinic providing dental solutions from teeth whitening to porcelain veneers in Perth. Shruti loves to cook and enjoys spending his weekend playing rugby with his friends. You can also follow her on twitter @ShrutiVaghe

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