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4 Common Dental Issues and Their Solutions

by Patrick Riley

When it comes to our general health, we take every possible care. We take appointment of a doctor after every couple of months for routine checkup to make sure that heart, lungs and other body parts are functioning properly. Unfortunately, when it comes to dental health, most of the people are extremely ignorant and think that their teeth will remain strong forever, no matter what they eat or drink. This common misconception leads to dental problems and ultimately, when things go out of control, people repent for their own negligence.?????????????????????????????

Dental problems can be cured by following certain guidelines and using medicines. Let’s take a look at some of the most common dental problems and their solutions.

Tooth Decay: It is more commonly known as cavity. Tooth decay happens when you let plaque stay on your teeth for a long time. Anyone can face this dental problem, but older people and children are the major victims of cavity.

Solution: Cleaning the teeth regularly is the best solution. Use a fluoride toothpaste while brushing and floss at least once in a day. Children can protect their teeth with the help of sealants, but there is no immediate solution for older generation. They need to be careful and meet a dentist once in a month to get rid of cavity.

Gum Problem: Gum diseases are mainly caused by bacteria that generate from plaque and affect the gum, ligaments and bones that maintain the position of your teeth. Gingivitis is the medical term of gum disease. People having diabetes and poor oral hygiene can easily get affected. It may sound surprising, but stress is another major cause of gingivitis.

Solution: Meet a dentist immediately and tell him exactly what gum problems you are facing. Regular brushing and flossing can prevent gingivitis. The dentist can also deep clean the teeth and gum lines to get rid of the infection. Medicines are also necessary to fight the large amount of bacteria deposited in your teeth. In case the problem is really serious and your oral bones are also affected, then the doctor may perform a surgery.

Tooth Infection: When the pulp inside the tooth gets damaged or infected due to bacteria or injury, you may face this issue. If you have broken tooth or deep cavity, then tooth infection is almost inevitable because food particles stay in the empty space and generate bacteria.

Solution: The most common indication of tooth decay is that you will feel pain in or around the damaged tooth. Visit a dentist and get ready for a root canal treatment. He will clean the food particles, the pulp chamber and root canal. Finally, he will seal the tooth.

Enamel Decay: Enamel gets damaged due to two main reasons. Too much consumption of soda or citrus drinks and over-brushing can result in enamel erosion. This is a common disease among sports personalities because they consume lots of citrus base energy drinks throughout the day. In fact, even the so called “diet” soda is not good for enamel.

Solution: In case, the damage is very serious, teeth restoration can be done using bonding materials, but if you really want to protect your enamel, you have to change your habits. Instead of soft drinks, try water. If you have to consume sports drinks, have some food while drinking and also try to use a straw to sip the liquid. Once the meal is finished, wash your mouth using water. If over-brushing is the problem, then use a soft bristled brush and always brush gently.

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