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Happiness Readings to Start Your Day

by Jacqueline Pirtle

To be happy, you have to want it, choose it, practice it, and then you will be it.

To practice happiness, author, energy healer, mindfulness and happiness coach Jacqueline Pirtle recommends starting each day with a morning ritual and a daily reading.

“Start every day by taking some time to reflect and think about happiness,” says Jacqueline Pirtle.

Here are 3 daily readings (from her book 365 Days of Happiness) to help get you started on your path to happiness. Read one each morning and take some time throughout your day to reflect on it.

DAY 17

 Are you happy right now?

Such a simple, yet incredibly important and valuable question.

Asking yourself “Am I happy right now?” will give you immediate understanding and clarity as to how you are doing in the feeling department.

  • If your answer is yes, keep rocking your happiness. It suits you!
  • If your answer is anything less than yes, grab this moment and do whatever it takes to shift yourself to any kind of happiness. Consciously expressing gratitude, focusing on seeing all beauty, smelling deliciousness, tasting yumminess, hearing wonderful sounds, and feeling the magic in and around you works wonders.

And by all means, if you need to, take all support available. For me, chocolate always does the shift.

Also, ask others “Are you happy?” This amazing question has the same effect on them! Which means you give them an opportunity to either consciously feel their happiness, or shift to their happiness if they are not there.

Ask away in your new day, and with that, remind yourself and others to be happy!

That IS happiness!

Day 72

Every experience shapes you!

Constantly being shaped means you change, move forward, learn more about yourself, and become more and more your unique you. How cool is that?!

Invite and welcome all experiences (both, the ones you love and the ones you don’t love) with openness and your best smile into your new day.

The experiences you love indulge in their delicious shaping of you. Feel your shift to BE and live in your “high for life” frequency of shaping up with happiness.

For the experiences you don’t love: acknowledge, accept, respect, appreciate, thank, and love them for showing up for you. They are a gift to shape you closer to your truth.

And understand that you help shape everyone and everything around you as well. So be aware, and give your best to shape them well.

Enjoy shaping up!

That IS happiness!

Day 93

Washing the dishes by hand, cleaning the toilet, or getting ready for a gala are all the same!

These are all experiences that are part of your physical life, and no experience has more value than the other.

The value is only created by how you are doing something, by the state you are in, by how you think and feel about what you are doing, by how you perceive it, and if you are consciously present in what you are doing.

Since you have full power to change the state you are in, and to change your thoughts, feelings and perceptions, you are also in charge of the value of every experience you are given to live.

Here is a recipe for peak “high for life” experience value:

  • Become present in your NOW!
  • Acknowledge everything as is!
  • Accept everything as is!
  • Respect everything as is!
  • Appreciate everything as is!
  • Thank anything and everything for the gift that it is!
  • Love everything as is!

Add a sprinkle of happiness, a squeeze of joy, a spoon of laughter, a pinch of playfulness, cups and cups of trust, and all your personal favorite flavors of life to this mix.

Mix it all together and believe… Then go experience your new day while being in that “high for life” frequency. I promise you that every experience will be a high value one.

That IS happiness!

About Jacqueline Pirtle

Jacqueline spent every day of 2017 devoted to her own happiness. She wrote every single day about the things she did to honor her joy and used those writings to create this 365 day step-by-step guide.

Jacqueline’s passion for happiness shines through in all of her work as an accomplished energy healer, mindfulness-happiness coach, and author of 365 Days of Happiness. She has helped hundreds of clients shift into a “high for life” frequency where they can reach happiness anywhere at any time.

Jacqueline’s professional background is in health, wellness, holistic medicine, energy healing, law of attraction, and happiness. She holds international wellness degrees and is internationally certified as a Reiki Master.

Jacqueline Pirtle has been leading life-changing workshops, talks, and private sessions since 2006. She was born in Switzerland and now makes her home in the United States.

To learn more, go to


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