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How to Find the Right Job in a New State

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Relocating to another state is not an easy task as you have to manage many things and if you do not have a job, it may get even harder. While the relocation process is excellently handled by one of the best state to state moving companies you chose, you need to take a proactive approach for your job hunt as well. Technology has made it much easier to find a job in current times than it was in earlier years. Though finding a job can be easier with the help of technology, grabbing it before moving to another city can be a bit challenging. Below are some tips and strategies that you can use to get your aspired job in a new state.

Talk to Your Current Employer

Before you make an effort to find a job at your new location, it is a good idea to talk to your current employer or Human Resources department and confirm if they have any branches or offices located at the place that you are moving to. If they have, you can request for job location transfer. If they do not have any branches in your new area, you still have an option open—ask your employer if they can allow you to work remotely. Most companies have given work-from-home facilities to their employees during the pandemic in the recent past so there is a fair chance that you will be allowed to do that. But if you are not lucky enough to grab any of these two choices, keep reading about all the tried and tested tips to get a good job.

Work upon Your Resume

A resume makes a candidate’s first impression on his employer, so make sure your resume attracts your prospective employer’s attention. Work upon your resume well before you send it to any company. First thing, make sure you do not mention your current address in your CV as most companies do not entertain outstation candidates. You can either skip mentioning address at all or you can add some other text on its place indicating your arrival in the city. You can also mention the address of a relative or a friend if you have any in your new city. But make sure you mention your contact number and email id in your resume. Hiring managers are often reluctant to interview outstation addresses so this is one of the very crucial steps.

Contact Job Recruiting Agencies

Job agencies can be helpful to an extent but relying entirely on them can be a little risky. But if you are a fresher, going through a job agency can be a good start. Job agencies often have good opportunities for newcomers. Job agencies may or may not be helpful especially in a relocation case but you should always keep all the doors open.

Networking Platforms

You can utilize your networking sites, like LinkedIn, and social media, like Facebook and Instagram, to reach out to people. LinkedIn is the best place to meet professionals and get in touch with your future employers. Keep your information and requirement updated on LinkedIn. You can also utilize your social media sites like Facebook; all you have to do is to draft a message explaining your job requirement in your new city and state and you will be amazed by the results. Your friends and/or their friends may come up with job references. A good job reference can do wonders and you may get a job without any hassle. Most grad schools have alumni associations on social media networks; make sure you are a part of it as you can also utilize your alumni association to discuss your job requirement.

Be Open for Job Location

While searching for your new job, do not be very specific about the areas. It is often seen that we miss a job just by a few kilometres. Research the public transport facilities in your new city and state and expand your job search area accordingly. If the city has vast transport connectivity across the city and even with the suburbs, it is an extra advantage as you can live and work at two different locations and you would not be bound to work in a certain area.

Be Prepared about Questions Related to Relocation

You will be asked about your relocation during the interview so it is wise to be prepared with your reasons for relocation. You need to be very clear of your vision and your reason for moving. You will have to convince the interviewer that you will be committed to the job for a longer period. Make sure you research the job profile and company profile well before the interview so that you can show your interviewer why you are fit for that position and why you liked the job. This will show your work commitment and the hiring manager may take interest in you. The scope for growth can be the best reason for an individual to move to a new city, so you can mention it as one of the reasons.

Finding a job in a new city can be challenging. While it is best to move with a job in hand, you can always try and secure one successfully with the tips mentioned above.

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