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5 Moves to Help You Bounce Back after a Baby

bouncing back after baby

Having a baby is surely a blessing. However, one thing you may not feel so blessed about is the additional weight you put on while pregnant. It is perfectly normal and acceptable to gain weight during a pregnancy. At the same time, after the baby is born, you are left trying to adjust to your new size and working on getting that fit pre-baby body back. Even though it may seem a bit challenging, there are several moves that can get you shedding those excess pounds in no time at all.

Assorted Stretches before Exercising

It is most important to stretch before performing any exercise. You can sit down with your legs pointed straight ahead. While you are doing this, have your toes pointed toward the front of you, and stretch your body down to get your legs prepared for the workout. Some people also enjoy doing gentle yoga stances and positions to prepare them for the more strenuous workout routine that they will perform. While stretching, you may also want to wear kinesiology tape by StrengthTape. This tape is specifically designed for athletes and people who are planning to exercise because it helps to protect the joints and the muscles.

Cardiovascular Exercises for Calorie Burning

If you want to burn those calories at a faster pace, you have to incorporate some sort of cardiovascular exercise into your routine. The good news is that there are plenty of exercises to choose from. You can choose from jogging, brisk walking, cycling, aerobics, and even swimming. There are also plenty of workout programs that will show you routines for moving your body and burning off calories fast.

Lifting Weights for Strength

After a cardio workout, you should also be lifting weights. While lifting does not necessarily cause you to shed calories at a fast pace, it does help you build muscle, which is something you need if you want to have a toned body. Lifting weights will also help you to prepare for lifting your baby, especially as he or she gets heavier.

Use a Fitness Ball

Want to strengthen your abdominal core? After all, your abdominal muscles surely went through a lot during those nine months of carrying around your precious baby. If you want your stomach to be flat and toned after giving birth, you have to perform abdominal exercise. Crunches are one of the most popular abdominal exercises. If you want to achieve faster results, use a fitness ball when you do your crunches or any other exercises.

Carry Your Baby

Believe it or not, the little one that you carried around for so long can help you to lose weight in more than just one way. Aside from breastfeeding, you can also lose weight faster by carrying your baby around in a sling. Who knew that carrying your baby could be such a workout?

With these five great moves in mind, you can successfully bounce back after having a baby. You certainly can get back into shape after having a child. You simply need to be determined as well as ready and willing to work out. offers a lot of articles and reference for how to lose that baby weight as well.

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