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by Emma Holmesnursing care

Nursing offers an individual an amazing opportunity to have a rewarding career that they will really enjoy and love. There are thousands of individuals that have chosen a career in nursing, and they have really made a great choice. Nursing is a career that a person can really take anywhere with them no matter where they go. There are many different specialties of nursing that a person can choose, and once they get started in the career, then they can continue to grow as a nurse. With that experience they can also make the wise choice to continue on with their education.

Nursing is a great career choice for many reasons. One of the first reason is because nurses are always needed. All that one would have to do is to look at the local want ads. They would find that there are always clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and agencies that are looking for nurses.

There are many different ways that an individual could begin their career as a nurse. If a person wants to get right into the medical field, then they may decide that they want to start off as a certified nursing assistant. In that way a person can see all the work that a nurse does, and they can begin to make money right away. Later that person can go on to become a license practitioner nurse. After becoming a LPN then they can go on to get their RN, and then continue to get their Bachelors and so on.

The great thing about getting an education as a nurse is that they can further their education on line. Many individuals do not realize that great university are available on line and that they can quickly and easily get their RN or transitional degrees like an RN to BSN while at home. Many nurses have a hectic schedule, and it may be difficult for them to find the time to go to an actual facility to further their education. These online classes that are offered are truly exceptional. A nurse is able to get all of the same courses that their fellow colleagues are receiving, and they can do it on their own time schedule. Online classes are also more affordable than classes that are conducted in a facility. That is another reason why many savvy nurses have chosen to take the online route.

Nursing is a career that can be challenging and at the same time very rewarding. There are millions of nurses around the world that are out their making a difference. If an individual is thinking about becoming a RN or getting their Bachelors, it is good to know that there are alternative options available for them.

About the Author

Emma Holmes is currently a nursing enrolled in the Rn-BSN program at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. Emma writes for as a means to educate prospective healthcare students who desired unbiased comparisons of various nursing schools around the US offering the RN to BSN transitional curricula. Outside of nursing school and website creation – Emma spends her time between soccer, trail running, art shows and, of course, her Golden Retriever, Sally.

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