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Why Men Should Get Mani-Pedis Too

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Men, this one’s for you. The women are used to getting pampered all the time, and now it’s your turn for a little self-care.

Let’s talk about your feet. If you wear shoes to work all week and wear sneakers on the weekend, then you’ve probably never had to worry about their appearance. But, wouldn’t you like to wear some slippers or sandals every once in a while to let those toes breathe?

And what about those hands? Are your fingernails looking the best they could be right now?

Fix those by spending a few hours at Medical Aesthetics Canada with our highly trained and experienced nail technicians who can transform your hands and feet.


A manicure involves cutting and shaping the fingernails, removing dead skin, pushing back the cuticles,  and buffing till smooth and shiny. Next, the hands are scrubbed and massaged to remove any dead skin, and then moisturized. This process takes an average of half an hour, so you could be in and out on your lunch break!

Benefits of Getting a Manicure

Make your hands look nicer

Nice hands are important as people do notice these things, especially if you’re a single guy trying to score some girls. Grimy, dirty nails, and coarse hands will send them running in the other direction.

A manicure rejuvenates the hands, from the wrists to the fingertips and the staff at Waterloo Medical Cosmetics can keep your nails looking neat and healthy .

Prevent hanging nails

Hanging nails are pieces of hard skin that hang outside of the nail bed, typically because of skin dryness, nail-biting, or trauma. They can cause swelling, pain, and even infection.

By getting a manicure at Balsam Day Spa, our skillful nail technicians can identify them quickly before they get to that state and prevent them from happening.

Help to get rid of stains

Your fingers can stain for many reasons. Perhaps you had some curry two days ago or maybe you dyed some jeans without gloves. If you smoke a lot, you may even notice that your fingernails start to change color.

As long as the cause of staining isn’t health-related, your nail technician can take care of that for you, leaving you with clearer, brighter nails.


A pedicure is like a manicure, but instead, it’s for your feet. This treatment typically can last between 45 minutes, up to 2 hours depending on the condition of your feet. It usually starts with soaking the feet until they are soft, after which the nail technician trims the toenails, removes the buildup of dead skin, and scrubs the soles and sides of the feet . The feet are also massaged, the toenails buffed and oils/lotions are applied to moisturize the feet.

Benefits of Getting a Pedicure

Relieve stress and promote relaxation

Pedicures are a great way to unwind after a stressful day or a busy week. The warm water against your worn feet is comforting and relaxing, as is the scrub and massage while you listen to serene spa music. Don’t be surprised if you pass out in the spa chair and wake up to your nail technician telling you it’s time to go now!

Prevent ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails are the worst! These are usually caused by tight shoes that make your toenails grow into the side of the skin. This causes swelling, tenderness, and perhaps even a buildup of fluid. Eventually, the toenail can become infected, leak pus, or start to bleed which is quite painful. If it gets too bad, you may require surgery.

Thankfully, a nail technician can prevent this from happening in the first place by properly trimming your nails, or nipping ingrowns in the bud before they become a problem.

Remove excess and hardened skin

During the pedicure, the nail technician scrubs your feet to remove excess and hardened skin, or calluses which form due to friction from shoes and can make the soles of your feet rough and unsightly. When done, your feet will feel smooth like a newborn’s butt and smell great since dead skin and gunk causes the feet to smell cheesy.

Final Thoughts

A mani-pedi is by no means a “girly thing”. Self-care isn’t limited to women, so let’s get rid of the negative stereotypes and usher in a new wave.

What are you waiting for? Those hands and feet aren’t going to pamper themselves! Come visit us at The Pout Clinic.

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