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Common Mistakes You Must Avoid When Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

by Jenny Griffiths

4.8 million US citizens identify as digital nomads. With so many people working from home as the result of the coronavirus, that number is bound to skyrocket this year.

If you’re starting to adapt to the digital nomad lifestyle, you might find yourself making major changes around the house. If you’re not making those changes, however, your productivity could begin to falter. The wrong mistakes could cause you to lose your focus.

Here are the nine mistakes of a nomad lifestyle you need to avoid. By avoiding these mistakes, you can maintain self-awareness and put your productivity into overdrive.

Become more successful living as a digital nomad by avoiding these productivity-killing errors.

Digital Nomad

1. Working in Your Pajamas

What’s the first thing you used to do in the morning before heading out to work? Whether it was washing your face or brushing your teeth, there’s one step you shouldn’t avoid: changing.

As a digital nomad, you can wear whatever you want from home. However, it’s still important to change out of your pajamas. Dressing up in presentable clothes can send a signal to your brain that it’s time to start the day.

According to one study, people perform tasks better when they wear clothes with a “symbolic meaning.” We have to dress for success, right?

Each morning, change out of those pj’s and into something presentable. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, too!

2. Procrastinating

After picking up the digital nomad lifestyle, you might feel like you have all the time in the world. Don’t fall into this trap. Procrastination could lead you to rush through your work, which can impact the quality and amp up your stress levels.

Not having someone looking over your shoulder all the time can feel like a great relief. However, that just means you need to hold yourself accountable now. Don’t procrastinate!

Procrastinating leaves you little to no room for unexpected developments. Instead, make a to-do list every morning. Then, “eat the frog” by tackling the biggest item first.

3. Working in Bed or on the Couch

Nomad people get to work from any spot they’d like. Despite that freedom, it’s important you avoid working from the couch or bed.

These are locations where you tend to relax after a long day. Trying to work on your bed and couch will set you in that “relaxation mode” mindset, which could impact your productivity. Instead, make these areas off-limits during your work hours each day.

Try to equip yourself with the tools you need for your new nomad lifestyle.

For example, you might want to consider a comfortable office chair. A desk that’s large enough to fit everything you need is important too. Otherwise, consider a standing desk to ensure you get off your feet throughout the day.

Instead of working in bed, you can create an environment that boosts your productivity.

4. Going Dark

Don’t make the mistake of overcommunicating with your team throughout the day. You might find it gives you peace of mind to communicate about every assignment, concern, or issue. However, constantly checking your emails throughout the day can slow you down.

Instead, try to have regular check-ins with your team. You can use a tool like Slack to remain up-to-date with each other.

Take the time to ask for (or give) feedback as needed, too.

Keep these updates casual instead of scheduling formal meetings. Casual updates will help you maintain sustainable relationships with the people you work with.

5. Neglecting Your Health

When you work from home, you might find yourself locked away in your office, sitting at your desk for hours. There’s no conference room you have to walk to or long halls that lead to the printer. Sitting at a desk all day, however, can lead to back pain and numbness, especially if you have bad posture.

If you’re living as a nomad, get up and active! Take the time for a little exercise every day. Getting on your feet can help you lower your risk of early death or disease.

Try to schedule a short walk or workout during the day. Otherwise, your new digital nomad lifestyle could do you more harm than good.

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6. Taking the Opportunity for Granted

The chance to work from home is a great privilege. Don’t take that privilege for granted. There’s a lot you can learn from the nomad lifestyle.

For example, you can use this opportunity as a chance to improve your communication skills. You’ll also need to adjust to technological challenges and become your own IT person. Otherwise, you’ll need to increase your self-awareness to maintain your productivity.

7. Neglecting to Create Structure

40% of people feel the greatest benefit of working from home is the flexible schedule. However, that flexible schedule can lead to distractions if you’re not careful.

Make sure to set a consistent schedule for yourself. Otherwise, those distractions could slow down your entire day. To start, make that to-do list of items you need to complete.

That list should include SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely). At the end of each day, adjust tomorrow’s schedule based on what you completed.

Don’t forget to set boundaries, too. For example, if you have kids around the house while you’re working, let them know you’re not to be disturbed during certain hours. You can even create your own “Do Not Disturb” sign to place on your office door.

8. Mixing Chores with Work

As you’re setting boundaries for yourself, make sure your home-life distractions don’t impact your work schedule. For example, set aside chores for after your work hours.

Make sure to maintain a healthy work-life balance for yourself instead of allowing the two to overlap.

9. Not Disconnecting

At the end of a long workday, set your computer aside. Take the time to disconnect and enjoy time with your family. In addition to giving your eyes the chance to rest, this is the perfect chance to recharge mentally and physically.

Work It Right: 9 Mistakes You’re Making with Your New Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Don’t let your new digital nomad lifestyle slow you down. By avoiding these nine mistakes, you can keep your productivity up and adjust with ease.

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