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Diana Raab on Her Book ‘Hummingbird: Messages from My Ancestors’

The Modern History Press has just released award-winning author and poet Diana Raab’s highly anticipated book Hummingbird: Messages from My Ancestors. This spiritual memoir delves into the profound connection among three generations of women, offering readers a unique perspective on their own ancestral ties.

Diana Raab, author of 13 books, brings her customary expertise and passion to every page of Hummingbird. Her ability to touch the hearts of readers with candid, poetic and insightful writing is evident once again in this powerful memoir. It is worthy of mention that memoir writing is Raab’s area of specialty in the world of writing.

RTS is honored to have a short chat with Diana Raab about Hummingbird: Messages from My Ancestors.

Hummingbird Diana Raab

Hummingbird evokes a range of emotions. How did your background in psychology and health contribute to writing the book?

I am attuned with the body-mind-spirit aspect of our being, and therefore encourage others to examine their own experiences on a deeper level. It’s important to discover how our experiences have affected us emotionally and contributed to the person we’ve become.

You write about trauma, depression, and resilience as they pertain to intergenerational healing. What advice would you give those experiencing personal and emotional challenges?

I strongly advocate for journaling. I believe releasing traumatic stories onto the page can be restorative. I also suggest a regular exercise program and spending time in nature.

You mention that sometimes it’s good to stop and examine our lives to put us in deeper connection with our consciousness. In what ways did the process of creating Hummingbird deepen your understanding of yourself and your consciousness?

Those who endured trauma tend to be more conscious and intuitive. Connecting with ancestors such as my grandmother and father has helped ground me and answer what I thought were unanswerable questions.

Each chapter of the book with a series of reflections or writing prompts to inspire the readers to identify and explore the significant events of their lives. Choose 3 prompts to help facilitate the life of our dreams.

  • What brought you bliss as a child and what brings you bliss now?
  • How would you want to honor your ancestors?
  • We’re all brought here for a reason and have a life purpose. What is yours?

To learn more about the book and Raab’s other accomplishments, visit her website.


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