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Sufi Music: The Voice of the Soul

by Michell Spoden

“Music is my soul and I cannot think of anything beyond,” says Kashmiri Sufi Sensation Mudasir Ali. “I love singing as it transports me to a different world together.” It was a pleasure to chat with this young Indian, Sufi singer and composer.

Michell: Mudasir, when did you realize that you were a singer?sufi-music

Mudasir Ali: As a child, I found solace in music. The notes helped me create a world of my own. It wasn’t realization; it was my retreat, my world of notes and melody.

Michell: And what exactly is Sufi–Fusion music?

Mudasir Ali: When you fuse Sufi music with world music, the confluence of cultures and melody creates Sufi-Fusion.

Michell: Please share with us a bit about your culture. Was it a big impact on your musical style?

Mudasir Ali: We come from the valley of Kashmir with breathtaking beauty and folk art. Here, music transcends generations and is passed on. Music in its purest Sufiyana form marks our oneness with the Supreme Being. As children, our valley was strife-torn and music provided us solace and a world of our own where melody and peace ruled. That has an influence on our style.

Michell: What do you think Sufi music brings to people and society?

Mudasir Ali: Music transcends boundaries, nations, religions and faiths. Sufi signifies oneness with the Supreme Being and is beyond all borders. Sufi music takes us closer to world peace in that sense.

Michell: Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person? Does this impact your music or your songs?

Mudasir Ali: Yes. I believe that god is one and the true faith is to serve our fellow beings. That takes us closer to God. Every man will get what he deserves at the right time and the right place. He should do his duty and leave the rest to the Lord. And then, things work for him. Naturally, this thought brings peace to one and that reflects on one’s music.

Michell: Do you consider yourself to be a humanitarian? If so are you involved with any efforts that help others?

Mudasir Ali: Every penny I earn, I try and share with those in need. And I try and use my voice given by God to heal troubled souls, and to bring peace. And as God will want me to do other things, he will reveal it to me. Just as always.

Michell: Please share with us what some of the most important things are to you in life and why?

Mudasir Ali: My parents. They matter most to me. As they have sacrificed their youth for us children. Peace in my valley matters to me as every child in Kashmir deserves peace and happiness. And of course, world peace matters to me.

Michell: Can you try to share with us what you actually feel at times when you are singing? Do you go into a trance of sorts?

Mudasir Ali: I am in my won world. You cannot call it a trance, but it is my way of communicating with the almighty, my oneness with God.

Michell: What are some of your future goals?

Mudasir Ali: To transcend boundaries with my music and to serve the world.

Michell: Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us and please keep in touch.

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About the Author

Michell Spoden is the author of Stricken Yet Crowned and is also pursuing a transitional housing project for woman with an agricultural aspect. She has a degree in Business Science Administration and is finishing her bachelor’s in Project Management.

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