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Taking a Look at CBD Oil for Horses

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You always see the beauty and strength of horses as they gallop along the shores in films, their hair blowing majestically in the wind, and taking large strides with not a care in the world. They look so carefree and not at all bothered by monthly bills and daily meetings.

As wonderful as this scene may look, unfortunately, some horses are worse off. Believe it or not, horses suffer from similar ailments to us, they develop arthritis in joints, inflammation in muscles, and a deterioration in their all-round well-being. But as a horse owner, this is something you can treat and manage and provide the best possible life for your pet.

For advice on which products may be better suited to your horse determined by breed and age and to browse the varieties available on the market, check out horses products by Holistapet and get a better understanding of how it can affect yours and your horses’ life positively. 


Discussing What is CBD Oil

CBD oil, or sometimes known as Cannabidiol, is an extract from the cannabis plant and widely used for its natural medicinal and herbal properties.

It has become increasingly popular in the last few years and the innovation of products have shown a significant rise in creativity, pet owners are dusting off their chef aprons and experimenting with new ways to include CBD oil into their pets’ meal plan.

When the oil is processed, for it to be considered a pure hemp-extracted product, the traces of THC (the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant) is effectively zero to less than 0.5%, this makes it safe to give the oil to humans as well as animals as part of their dietary nutrition.

5 Advantages of CBD Oil

  • For horses with a sluggish digestive tract, this is a great alternative to medicines or hormones and can get the digestive juices flowing and the system regulated for optimum functioning.
  • By reducing the inflammation in the body the joints reduce stiffness and provide better mobility.
  • Regulating and maintaining the release of neurons within the brain and neuro system there are fewer pulse outbursts causing fits or seizures, this results in a calmer, less stressed animal.
  • Yes, unfortunately, even horses get this horrible disease. The compounds that make up CBD prevent the protein production in the cells that create cancer-tumors, with these proteins not being made the chances of a tumor developing are significantly reduced.
  • Mane and coat. Ingesting the CBD oil promotes well-balanced bodily functions and in turn, strengthens the bones and hair in the animal, your horse hair will be flowing in no time.

To read more about the benefits of this natural oil click here and see how others have successfully introduced and used this oil in their lives.

The Features of a Good CBD Oil

The very beginning of the CBD handling process starts with where and how it is grown, because it is a plant that easily absorbs anything that is in the ground it’s grown in, the product must be pure and free from harsh chemicals, toxins or pesticides. Checking the origin and farming area will be a good indicator as to the authenticity of the product.

Then we need to be sure that the process with which the oil is being extracted is by using CO2 solvents, this compared to butane or propane which are extremely harsh and dangerous, leaves no contaminants behind and ultimately altering the purity.

Pricing is a big indicator, we all know the old saying ‘if it’s too good to be true it probably is,’ well this goes the same for CBD oil.

If the product is priced too low it could mean that it isn’t as pure as you’re looking for and may contain additives, this also doesn’t mean you need to remortgage your house to buy the most expensive on the market because then you’re probably just being taken for a ride, do a bit of research and shop around for an average priced item.

Lastly, read the label. A reputable company will have no issues stating the facts, the labels should say the origins, the process method, and more importantly the ingredients. A decent amount of CBD should be around 250-1000mg per 30ml, anything less and you’re likely wasting your money.

For extra information to give you that peace of mind, watch this short video and see all factors that affect not only the quality of the CBD but things you may not have considered were important.

The main objective is that you are looking for a product that is natural and non-invasive to your body, and with CBD oil this might just be the answer you have been looking for, to add to your meals and that of your beloved horse.

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