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Learning to Sail Will Broaden Your Horizons

Guest Blogger: Adriana Fredericksailing

Learning to sail brings with it a rush of confidence and excitement as you master the techniques, push yourself to your physical limits, and embrace the feeling of freedom associated with being out on the open water.

The Joy of Sailing

Like any outdoor pursuit, sailing fills you with the feel good factor associated with being really at one with the great outdoors. For those who love water, there is nothing like the sensation of racing across the sea or lake embracing that windblown feeling. Being out on the water is not all about speed though, as well as involving physical exertion and requiring stamina and strength, it can also be relaxing and peaceful. Mastering any new activity gives you a huge sense of achievement which crosses over into other aspects of your life and learning to sail can increase your confidence in yourself on many levels, not least because when you are learning new technical skills, you will be using your brain as well as your body. Enrolling in sailing school is easy and you don’t need any equipment to start off. All you really need to do is get out and have a go, with the school providing boat, equipment and instruction. Beginner courses for the complete novice will get you started with the basics of boat handling and are great fun to participate in with friends or as a family. In family groups even fairly young members of the family can join in, with safety always paramount during any training session. There are also courses for those who have some experience or are already proficient sailors but who wish to gain qualifications.

Looking Out Moving On

You can learn to sail in the UK or as part of a holiday abroad, with UK-based companies offering sailing school in some fantastic parts of the world, like the Caribbean, Europe, and Australia. Once you are familiar with the techniques, rope handling and safety measures a whole new world of holiday and weekend fun options open up to you. Initial training will cover boat parts, rope work, steering technicalities and safety. Higher level courses teach navigation skills and lead to qualifications certificates necessary for chartering and skippering your own boat. For those who really get the bug, holidays will never be the same; everywhere will be measured by the quality of the sailing available. Learn to sail and you could find yourself racing out across crystal clear waters somewhere exotic before dropping anchor and spending a relaxing day sunbathing, swimming or snorkeling before sailing back to land as the sun goes down.

Sailing is a wonderfully fulfilling activity perfectly suitable for beginners and with many levels and variants available to progress for those who get hooked on the sport and want to take it further.
Seeing places from the water rather than land gives them a whole new perspective and for many there is nothing better than admiring a view which has nothing but water between them, their boat and the horizon.

About the Author

Adriana Frederick writes regularly on sailing for a range of websites and blogs about her subject. She is based in the UK not far from the Sunsail School in Portsmouth but has travelled worldwide both on sailing and other adventure expeditions.

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