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Is Your Teen Using? How to Talk to Them

Guest Blogger: Jeanie BarcusNexium pills

Children depend on their parents for lots of things; however, one of the most important things that children depend on their parents for is advice. They especially need advice when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Parents should be sure to tell their children the consequences that may follow drug and alcohol use.

Confronting the Child

Many parents are unsure of how to talk to their child if they think that he or she is using drugs. Some parents choose not to say anything, and this action is very detrimental to the child. The parents should let the child know that they do not approve of this type of behavior, and it will not be allowed in the parents’ home.

Beginning the Conversation

The hardest part of the conversation is beginning the conversation. This part of the conversation is so hard because the parents finally realize that their child has an alcohol or drug problem. During this initial part of the conversation, the parents may show signs of anger, denial, or sadness. This is typical; however, the parents should not point fingers at one another because this will not solve the problem.

Practice the Conversation

More than likely, this will be the first time the parents will have had this conversation with the child. Therefore, it is important for the parents to practice this conversation ahead of time. During the practice conversation, the parents should be sure to think of possible responses the child will give and how they will respond to the child’s responses. Having possible responses will help the parents to not be speechless when the child responds.

Establish Rules
Even though there may have already been rules in the house, the parents should be sure to clearly let the child know what the rules of the house are and what the consequences will be if the rules are broken. The parents should be sure to choose consequences that will be reasonable and not extreme. Even though the parents will be experiencing many different emotions, choosing appropriate consequences will help to solve the problem of the child using drugs or alcohol.

Show Affection

Even though this is a difficult time for the parents, it is also difficult for the child. Parents should be sure to let the child know that he or she is still loved.

About the Author

This post was written by Jeanie on behalf of Arkansas drug rehab. In her spare time Jeanie, loves to spend time with her two boys and bake.

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  1. Cindy says:

    We just found out our daughter was abusing her Adderall. She was struggling in school so we sent her to a doctor who recommended us taking her to a psychiatrist and got her evaluated. They diagnosed with her as having ADD and told us the best option would be Adderall. It helped at first but now has turned into the worst nightmare ever. She is snorting them and we just counted the bottle and found out she took 10 in one night!

    We are worried and not sure what to do? No one told us this stuff was addictive……..lost mother:(

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