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Rescued by Ruby (2022)

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Want to see a dog movie with no gloom and doom? Katt Shea’s Rescued by Ruby (2022) may be your next click on Netflix. The family drama features the bond between a shelter dog and the man who gives her a home.

Rescued by Ruby

The movie follows the story of Ruby, a female border collie who has been adopted and returned to the shelter many times because she is too much for an average pet dog seeker. The special person in Ruby’s life arrives as Daniel O’Neil (played by Grant Gustin), a Rhode Island state trooper looking for a dog he can train as a K-9 search and rescue dog so he can join the K-9 team. Daniel takes Ruby home to his pregnant wife and toddler son to be part of the family with the hope of advancing his career as a K-9 officer. But it’s not as easy as he has expected though Ruby secures a more special place in the family.

Like many other dog movies, Rescued by Ruby is based on a true story with the dog Bear, who plays Ruby, also being a rescue dog that was saved from a shelter “just in time.” The movie has the traditional elements of a dog movie: fur cuteness, laughs, sighs, and sense of adventure. The ending has a certain turn that rings the familiar who saved who bell.

Despite its PG rating, Rescued by Ruby is a family movie by all means and is the perfect pick for those who love animal movies yet are shy of heartbreaking tearjerkers; but keep a Kleenex box handy in case fur loyalty and cuteness overload are emotional tripping points.

Interesting Fact: As the movie’s IMDb page says, the movie’s lead actor Grant Gustin in his personal life is actually allergic to dogs.

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