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Pressure: A Memoir

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“It was time to disappear permanently. I will admit, though, deep down I wanted to be found.” Eric Canori’s Pressure: A Memoir (Peerless Development, 2022) has many such powerful lines and situations that engage the reader since the first page of the book.


Pursuing his childhood passion for getting what he wants in life, Canori narrates how this pursuit of success led him into the illegal weed-selling business. But as he became rich and was able to get what he wanted, the child in him grew up as well to ask whether it was an illusion; whether success really meant what he thought it did; and whether he was hiding behind a mask of money and status while missing out on the real worth of life.

Pressure: A Memoir is a deeply moving book that shows the various shades of human character living in a contemporary western society where wealth is the gold standard for acceptance. In pursuing this standard so as to be accepted by his mother and stepfather, Eric Canori got into trouble with law. But the innocent and conscientious person in him remained alive and ultimately took over for a peaceful and meaningful mode of living.

Though painful and dark at times, Eric Canori’s is a beautiful story and narrated beautifully in the book. Not every story in words comes alive readily to one’s imagination, but Canori’s does and the reader can see visuals of the events narrated in Pressure jump out, taking a life full of emotion and soul.

Pressure: A Memoir is for a range of mature audiences as it can help people see inside themselves better and assess whether they are living their best. It’s also a good book for parents of young children to help them see their child’s unspoken passion and give them an idea of how to be more receptive to children’s emotional needs.

ISBN: 9798985644715


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